NLD diagnosis: Should I be this freaked out?

Hey everyone,
Just got back from the doctor with a diagnosis of Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum. He told me to elevate the leg after work and to take two aleve daily for a week or two and it should go away. I’ve googled lots of pictures of it and although my symptoms are minor for now, I’m concerned for what the future may bring. Any advice or personal experience with this condition would mean a lot to me. Thanks!

In 1960 (2 yrs after diagnosis) I had a series of pustular lesions on both lower legs that I thought were insect bites. These later developed into patches that appear to be either NLD or granuloma annulare. At the time I was given large doses of penicillin, but that had little effect on the problem. I still have the “scars” after 51 yrs. More scars occur if I bruise the lower legs. Fortunately I am male and can hide the scars with clothing. From the reading I have done NLD affects women more than men. There are many hypotheses about what causes NLD. Among these is that the condition is an autoimmune vasculitis.