Diabetic Dermopathy

Dear My fellow friends,

Ive been suffering a lot with this kind of skin condition since I had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes ( 11 years ago ) I would like to ask is there anything that I could do to get rid of these scars all over my legs. and it keeps on coming back all over again. Been disappointed for how many years, as it affects my job , my social life ( can't even wear a skirt during meeting and private functions )and started to self pity and not lacking but losing self confidence.

Thank you


hi Michelle, we have others here who have suffered with this, here's a discussion on it.


Michelle, I have these "spots" as well. They began 20 years ago while in college. My endo said it was necrobiosis and it's just something that happens to diabetics. AWESOME.

The color comes and goes...which is very annoying. I've just learned to deal with it. Sorry I can't help. But know that you're not alone.