No foot problems, but lots of numbness in hands

This is a relatively new development although a neurologist said I had carpal tunnel syndrom several years back. Does anyone have this problem – is it a neuropathy? Or is this something completely unrelated? (is ANYTHING unrelated?) I started using insulin about 3 months ago (after 2.5 yrs misdiagnosed as a type 2, they figured out I was a lada)…and I’ve been a little bit out of control since they denied my pump a few weeks ago (rebellion - lot of good THAT does me), but this happens with increasing frequency. Also my arms hurt a little bit, especially in bed. One day my leg was hurting really bad and I was freaking out, but then I figured out I was sleeping on the remote. Any thoughts?

Dear Rebecca.

I too may actually be something else than type 2 but here in Canada they keep it simple above 10 years of age some tummy grease then type 2 automatically. Heaven forbid a C-peptide test or an antibody test.

My GP or maybe PCP as you call them said that he read a report that people on pumps did not do any better than people on multiple injections. With Lantus or levemir and a lot of trial and error you can do reasonably well. Get the book using insulin.

The hand numbness at night is a puzzle. Mine do go numb if when I sleep they are above the level of the heart. Blood pressure medication makes this a lot worst. Other wise the circulation in the hands during the day is fine I could even remove ice from the fishing hole in winter without gloves.

I will try to measure the blood pressure at night, wonder if it drops at lot for some reason. Also if the blood sugar drops to a low level the hands would go numb as the body keeps the BG for more essential parts. This however I never found and hand numbness appears to be not caused by low BG.

I don’t think it is related to neuropathy but I am not sure. Will ask endo when I see him next year.

It is mostly the pinky and the ring finger. What is cubital tunnel?

Thanks will look this up, could well be the problem as I also rest elbow on chair rest

Carpal tunnel can also come from other autoimmune disorders that us diabetics are at risk for. For me the neurologist & rheumatologist specifically said it was not from neuropathy, it was from myositis and sarcoid’s autoimmune diseases. I had numbness in both hands and tennis elbow in both elbows. They would go numb at night mostly which I thought was weird. My doc said it was because my inflammatory numbers where through the roof so he put me on meds to deal with that and sent me to physical therapy. This helped alot…

Sleeping in wrist guards helps alot. I was doing this before the docs figured out what was wrong with me and they told me to keep using them until my inflammatory numbers went back to normal.

I know that I have carpal tunnel, although it was not serious enough to actually do the surgery to release the tendons. It calmed down after I stopped working so much with books. Keyboarding doesn’t bother me too much. It’s when I’m holding a phone to my ear, or a book, or driving for awhile. It’s just started being suddenly severe, although intermittent. It’s a little nerve-wracking to have your hands go numb when you’re holding a cup of hot coffee for example! Well if it stays at this level, I’ll head back to the doc…

You may want to do research on diabetes and connective tissue disorders. Some of the conditions associated with this are carpar tunnel, frozen shoulder, trigger fingers, and others. Of the conditions indicated, I have 4-5 and have already had surgery for 3 of the conditions (yes, it was that bad) all associated with inflammation. I also have polyneuropathies. The doctors don’t quite know why we get the inflammation…they can treat some of the conditions with steroids, but it is used on a temporary basis and usually the problems come back. Prednisone could be used for the inflammation, but it screws up our sugars big time. Please note, I have been diabetic (T1) for 40 years. These conditions have manifested in the last 10 years, but we are not all the same. But, please do some reading and talk to your doctor. For me, neurontin and motrin have helped with the pain and some of the inflammation, but it doesn’t take the problem away.

Hope this helps…