Numb Hands and Lows

I have diagnosed carpal tunnel, which wakes me up at times. Usually it happens only in one hand and because I’m sleeping on a bent wrist. Lots of Pain! But I’ve also noticed when my sensor is reading 100 or less, and things are doing a down arrow or diagonal down, that it gets worse. It wakes me up and I have to make sure things are not plunging. It seems to have replaced every other low symptom except flashing lights, which I of course don’t see if I’m sleeping! I fell and hit my head in October, and am having various neurological situations, but this came well before that. Anyone know why this might happen???

That sounds really painful. Did you get your head checked out when you fell? Did you hurt your back? I ask that because I thought that I had carpel tunnel recently, due to my symptoms, but my primary did a couple of tests on my wrists and it doesn’t appear to be carpel tunnel. I had been wearing wrist restraints that keep them from bending and that does a great job of keeping them calm and pain free at night. I didn’t wake up at all when I did that. My primary said sometimes your spine can cause trouble like that with your arms. I also have ITBS, and I’ll starting therapy for that soon.

I also had lows during the night, even though I was on AUTOMODE on my pump, but that stopped when I started having a 15 grams carb snack at night. No lows since I started doing that and I’m sleeping soundly through the night with no wrist pain and no lows. I’m so relieved.

I hope you can find some relief. If it is carpel tunnel, my SIL had surgery for hers and had a great outcome. Of course, everyone is different.

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You reminded me, I took my wrist wraps out of the cabinet. I’ll use them tonight. I’m pretty sure it is carpal, they did all the little checks to make sure. I just don’t get why it feels the very same when my BG drops. It’s a very odd thing. If both hands are going numb, I just have to make sure to keep tabs on my BG. Quite odd!

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