Financial help for pumpers?

I was wondering if any of you get any financial help for your pumps or supplies...or both. I am not old enough for Medicare and my insurance policy is a major medical, bare bones, I-pay-for-everything type of policy. I was wondering if there were any grants or some kind of help for paying for any of it. I know most manufacturers make buying their pumps as painless as possible, but what about infusion sets and cartridges? And insulin? My God, the cost of that has gone through the roof!!!
Any ideas?

Trust me , I have searched every avenue...THERE IS NOTHING out there for assistance. I have been without insurance for 1 year and have talked to every company. I do get my Insulin from Lilly Company free. They have a program called LILLY CARES. If you meet their income guidelines they supply insulin FREE. You can apply on their website. I believe it is or just search Lilly Company. Again there is NO help for pump or supplies. Good Luck. Matt

Thank you! I am filling out the application for that as I type!!

Actually there is help for pumpers! I got my Ping from Animas and they told me they have a low-income waiver. I filled out the paperwork and then I got the 20% my insurance doesn't cover waived so my pump was free. Then I also get 30% off my supplies ongoing.

My insurance doesn't cover any of it. I did get my current pump on the Animas ACcess program. 2 years for $200. Not sure what I will do in Feb when my warranty is up on this one...

I'm not sure what you mean by "2 years for $200"; you pay a flat $200 for all your supplies for 2 years? That's pretty good! Can you get reevaluated and qualified for that same program again when your warranty is up? Or can you change insurance? I have to say that I can barely afford my pump supplies even with the assistance. If I had no insurance coverage at all I would not be able to afford a pump.

Also, while you apply for the Lily program, if you use Apidra, see my post on the main board about the no-co-pay coupons.

I sent in my CozMore pump and they gave me $700 for that. The total for the Animas (2 year warranty on a refurbished pump) was $900. So, I paid $200 for the pump. I pay for my supplies. They would have given me 20% off on their infusion sets, but I don't like them, so opted to buy my old Cleos, which were cheaper anyway...