No Longer a Poseur

We are now officially joining the ranks of OmniPod users! My 11 year old son will be using the Pod, and I could not have made the decision without the input and information provided by people in this group, especially in response to my post, OmniPod vs. Animas. Thank you all for your help. Now that we've made our choice, I am no longer a poseur here!

Congrats! You know where to go with any questions you have. What is his start date on the Pod?

I just sent in the required paperwork to the liaison person at the Montreal Children's Hospital this morning. As soon as she confirms our insurance coverage or lack of it, the ball will start rolling. We are fortunate in Quebec (and some other provinces)that our government pays for the pump and supplies if we have no private insurance, and they will pay the remainder if our insurance only covers a portion of the cost. It adds some time to the initial start up, but it makes it affordable.

best of luck there will be some challenges but i think you and your son will be happy with the decision, throw a last shot and lantus celebration! if you have any specific podding questions as you get going ask away, my son has been using the omnipod about 2 years our biggest problems were highs after pod changes which you may have read about here we have totally resolved this with a small bolus with no food at the change. good luck, stay open minded and expect some initial adjustment to his setting.

Thank you so much for the encouraging words!

I rather enjoy a poseur, but hey, I'm weird. ;)

I hope your lovely son thrives on the OmniPod!

Welcome aboard the Ominpod express. We're here to asssist whenever you need it. Hopefully, you won't. =)

Congrats and welcome to the league of Podders.

:) We like weird people.

I'm sure you people will be my lifeline! I just found out we are doing the saline start on Feb. 27 and the insulin start on March 7. I am a little nervous.

I should get a t-shirt made... "League of Podders" Only a select few would have a clue.

I found the process to be a piece of cake. Mmmm. Carrot cake. I could go for that about now.

I don't know whether you've done any YouTube searches about changing barnacles (my term for pod) but when I saw a young boy demonstrating how it is done, I was set. Easy peasy.

Good luck!!!

the worst part for you and your son will be the extra checks during the night, at school... the saline trail felt like doing double duty as it was but it will all be worth it for him to have more flexibility and independence, lets face it bolusing with a pdm is a lot cooler than a needle, the pod needle deployment is painful but quickly moving on to something else and reminding him that one shot in three days it better than 15-20. my son still gets a little annoyed at pod change time i think a reminder he has to stop and address his D when he would rather be doing something else, it is what it is and our job is to make it look easier to them, less worrisome, cheerlead them towards independence (with guardian angel aka mom and dad always secretly looking over!) and most importantly treat them like regular kids that are totally awesome and this awesome has nothing to do with their D, sorry to go off there, i am sure you know all this! best of luck! amy

a u tube clip also convinced my never going to pump son to want the omnipod now! that was two years ago, modern technology. it has its benefits!

I will have to check out those YouTube clips.

Don't be sorry, I understand. Thanks for your words. It is all a help and a comfort.

*cough* if you're under a the age limit Quebec pays for it. I had to pay out of pocket for mine.

Oh gosh, you are right. It wouldn't have been possible for us to consider this huge expense for our 11 year old if it weren't for the Quebec program. Too bad my 19 year old can't benefit from it. Timing is everything.

haha "barnacles"! My aunt says it looks like the McDonald's dipping sauce packages... -_-

well good news for your 19 year old is that my endo predicts that in the next 5 years Quebec will be more like Ontario and offer the insulin pump to all T1D's. I hope he is right, will just be in time for the guarantee to be up for me!