No one with diabetes should ever feel alone. Make it happen

TuDiabetes for me is all about the hands we see frequently on the site. Reaching out and touching each other, offering a hand for support, developing friendships.

The Annual Campaign has a goal of $20,000 by December 31 to support TuDiabetes and the programs like videochats, Big Blue Test, diabetes art, poetry....

We can reach this goal if we all reach out. I'll be posting a sample FB post and a sample tweet here every few days. Please share them, or post one of your own.

Thanks my friends!

Let's not let this happen any more!

First sample tweet: For many, @DiabetesHF is a #diabetes lifeline. Pls donate so no one w/ #diabetes ever feels alone.

FB post: I'm a proud member of the TuDiabetes community. TuDiabetes provides support, information, and understanding for me and thousands of other people with diabetes around the world.
Please help us with a contribution to support this and other life-changing, life-saving Diabetes Hands Foundation programs.

got it pup. this is such a great place with such good friends i've meet here that I think TuD deserves everything just to stay here and help as many ppl as we can

Thanks for starting this thread, pup!!

Just so everyone knows, since yesterday morning, we've gotten 12 donations, for a total of $1,730.

3 donations so far have been recurring, meaning they repeat every month (or every quarter, or every year). This is an option that everyone can choose if it's more convenient for budgeting purposes.

Here is the donation page for anyone in the US:
and for anyone outside the US:

Hugs and BIG thanks to everyone who has helped and who plans on helping!!

You may have noticed that the syringe on the top of the home page has changed... a generous donation was received.

Remember, every bit counts. Let's keep rolling!

Great idea! This place has had immeasurable value for me as a new diabetic, so I am glad to help.

Here's today's FB post.. please share!

‎Please share!! TuDiabetes member testimony: “When I joined TuDiabetes, my son Eric, then 18 months old, had only been diagnosed about 2 weeks previously and I was still scared out of my mind. TuDiabetes welcomed me and gave me the comfort of information and experience Any time I’m stymied, confused, or down about Eric’s condition (and/or my handling of it), TuDiabetes is there to help me work through it. “Join TuD” is the first recommendation I make now to the newly diagnosed.”
Please join me in supporting this great organization with a donation so no one with diabetes is alone.

and tweet… Please share! #TuDiabetes member testimony: "When I joined TuDiabetes, my son Eric, then 18 months old, had only been diagnosed…

New facebook post, our Seagator! Please share.

How #TuDiabetes helped SEAGATOR (85 years old, WW2 veteran, living with type 2 diabetes):

“When I was told I was diabetic I said not me… My A1C was 9.5. [My endo] put me right on insulin. Some angel must have directed me to TuDiabetes. I met people. They helped me. They encouraged me by telling me I could do it. With the help of TuDiabetes and all the resouces my A1C went to 5.9. I tell everyone that TuDiabetes saved my life. It did."

Please help us touch more lives like SEAGATOR’s. Consider making a donation here:

...and a new tweet. Please share!

@DiabetesHF #diabetes care is 24/7/365. is 24/7/365 support. Pls join us, donate $10:

Reed, by the way you look awesome!

Do I recall seeing a regular running total in previous years or am I making this up , Manny ???

thanks pup for the sample tweets. btw, today is #givingTuesday - please add this hashtag to your tweets if you can

There ya go nel ;) Check above the syringe on the home page. It'll be updated a few times a day.

All better ;) Manny can fix anything LOL. Thanks for persisting Judith! Was it a browser issue?

All I can say is... OY!!

Judith, you rock ;)

Let's get more checks in the mail!!

oh , darn Judith !! I had some difficulty with our CAN. postal code, which is very different from your USA one . I can't recall what I did to make it work ?? ..but have recently seen a link for Canadian and other users . The old fashioned way : a check in the mail !! ...hope that opportunity will stay a bit longer with us ...who knows

It's here to stay ;)

Our Clare! Please share.

Clare, from Massachusetts, says of #TuDiabetes: "There are 25000 members of this community, and while some are more active than others, the shared experience is truly empowering and enlightening. I have learned more here online about how to better take care of myself than I learned in 37 years of living with diabetes." is an online, grassroots community, a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation. Please consider making a contribution to Diabetes Hands Foundation so that folks like Clare can share their experiences and become better informed about diabetes:

Beautiful badge, thanks Mike! I got to put it on my page for donating ;)

We've raised $15,360 raised so far! Let's keep the momentum going folks, I know we can surpass the goal of $20,000 for our beloved DHF/TuD by December 31.