Non-Active Pod Alarms

I’m just curious if this has ever happen to anyone. Friday night one of my pods that wasn’t activated and still sealed up in its package started to alarm. My husband and I was running around trying to figure out what was going on. I knew it wasn’t me because the pod I was wearing was on my upper arm and I put my ear to it and heard nothing; also I had just checked my blood sugar and got a status on that pod. My husband kept telling me it had to be me because we recognize that high pitch sound. Finally he got my bag where I keep my spare pod and there it was. So beware even a non-active pod can still alarm on you.

That sounds awful. Thank goodness you were around. (I mean, what if it were a spare pod at your office while you were out at lunch or something? :slight_smile: No, it’s never happened to me. Thanks for the heads-up.

I hope you have them replace it. That would have driven me crazy until I found it. lol

It was driving us crazy. When we found it we started laughing because we knew it was a pod but didn’t know where it was coming from. I was very happy this happened while I was at home and not at work. I beep enough up there they don’t need to hear one whining…LOL They are replacing the pod for me and they were a little surprise that it was a non-active pod.

I had a similar thing happen to me this past Summer. A pod that I had taken from the box, placed on my dresser in anticipation of changing the pod in the morning, started that annoying high pitched beeping. Only…we didn’t figure out that it was the pod beeping until I called my husband home from work. I am hearing impaired and only hear out of one ear. It is hard for me to determine which direction a noise is coming from. At first I thought it might be one of our appliances or our sump pump (we live in the rural area of our town). After I kept running from one end of our house trying to figure out where the heck the noise was coming from, I got scared and thought…it has to be something bad IF I can’t find where the noise is. My husband works about a 30 minute drive from our house. He came home, walked into the house and stood quietly listening…then he said, “It is your pod beeping on the dresser”. Talk about feeling stupid!!! That is my story and we laughed about it the next day, but not when it happened.

Mayumi, I know what you mean about running around the house. We did the same thing. My husband was running up and down the stairs trying to figure out where the noise was coming from as I was running all over the downstairs. As I kept telling him it wasn’t me he thought maybe one of the smoke detectors was going off in a closed off room. The little things can make you run around a lot…LOL

Besides this thread, I have only heard of one person reporting a non-activated pod doing this. And I beleive it was a replacement pod that had been delivered and left between door and storm door in freezing temperature.

For me only a pod that has lost communication and will not sync back up, has done this. If your pod loses it’s sync with the PDM and you replace it, the first pod is still active and will still remind you when the 3 days are up-it’s still giving a basal and will let you know when the res is low. This will usually happen at 3 AM.

And the one that screams and you cannot the hole in the pod to turn them off so you put them in the freezer. You do know that when you throw them away, they thaw and begin screaming again.

This happened to me! I happened to be home when my last shipment of pods arrived from UPS, and one of them was screeching as he handed over the box! I found the offending pod and my boyfriend smashed it with a hammer =) I still have to call for a replacement, hopefully it won’t be a problem…

You can silence the piezo disc in the top of the pod with a well-placed electric drill or some other fierce and forceful object. It’s the big flat sound-producing disc in the top of the pod near the cannula, a little to one side.

I’ve had 2 in 4 years. There is a hole to turn off the pod that if a paper clip is pushed into will deactivate the pod. Throwing it into the freezer will also work although when it thaws it will squeal again. It just buys time

this happens to me sometimes, too. i can’t figure out why it happens, but i have done everything from stuff the pods in the bottom of my dirty laudry basket to thrwoing them on the train tracks to get demolished. i hate that noise.

Something similar happened to me last weekend. My PDM locked up right before I was going to change pods. The next morning when I woke up I kept hearing a high pitched alarm. I too checked my active pod…nothing! After searching the house over from top to bottom…I discovered it was the old pod that I had thrown away. I sure was glad that I wasn’t losing my marbles…hahaha.

Happened to me yesterday. The omnipod people told me it was static electricity and are replacing it.

ooh, thanks for the heads up. we just had that happen and the little bugger is just sitting in a ziplock happily giving basal doses every now and then. good to know - i’ll stick it in the freezer now and hopefully miss the death scream later.

We had this happen at a diner with the spare we always carry - we had to split it open with a knife to get it to stop - putting a paper clip in the hole did not turn it off. Had no problem getting it replaced.

I’ve had two or three of these happen to me. We even stuck them in the freezer to see if they’d stop (I had done this with used beeping pods before and they stopped) but they were still going 24 hours later! Darn zombie pods.

we had one start ticking…I called insulet and they are sending a new one… The guy on the phone says “ticking like a bomb?” LOL

I have one ticking righ tnow…not the first time this has happened. I’m going to end up carrying around 3 pods instead of the one backup I have.