Normal blood sugar after gallblader surgery

I don’t know if it is because of the 1200 calories or less low fat diet I’m on, or if it is because my non-functioning GB has now been removed. But my blood sugar has normalized since surgery 5 days ago. I’m still taking my Metformin twice a day before meals, but I have not needed to take any mealtime insulin since the surgery has been performed. My highest BG reading was 140. I am eating 2 bananas and half of an apple for breakfast. 17 Low fat, high fiber wheat thin crackers with a few pieces of low fat ham for lunch, and 1 low fat ham sandwich, 20 grams of carbs bread, 1 apple, and two celery sticks with non-fat cream cheese for dinner. Tonight I had a small bowl of stir fry, some chow main noodles, all cooked without oil in the oven and they even had brown sugar low sodium soy sauce glaze on them. My blood sugar 2 hours after said meal is 99. I don’t know what to make of this at all. Before surgery, I was controlling my BG by eating 1 big meal a day, at night of whatever I wanted and using 60-70 units of Novolin R to control the BG spike. My most recent A1C from after the surgery is 5.4. I was 7.1 when initially diagnosed. Maybe the good sugars from the fruits are not as bad as real sugar?

I know a lot of you all are on low carb diets. I might get back into that once I get used to functioning without a GB. I have been using OX bile to supplement for the lost bile and will be getting some digestive gold digestive enzymes soon. I can really dig a life without having to use insulin, even if it means no more cheeseburgers and pizza. I will be trying veggie burgers tomorrow. I have dropped 6 pounds in a week since surgery and I hope to continue to drop weight until I am back under 200 pounds. But with all that being said, I think the intermittent fasting and the 1 meal a day made my Gallbladder go out. I already had stones on my ultrasound two years ago, but I only had one GB attack back in 2015. It wasn’t very painful and only lasted for an hour until I puked. These attacks were ranging between 30 minutes and 3 hours long with intense level 8-9 pain. The last attack I had lasted 30 minutes and happened after eating non-fat vegetable soup. I figured if the attacks are coming even on non-fat foods, it’s time to have the thing out. The violent attacks started recently and lasted for 2 weeks. I couldn’t afford to have a 3 hour attack 60 miles away from home at work, so emergency surgery was done. I also had very high liver enzymes and my kidney function was down to 43. EGFR of 43 with a Creatinine level of 1.71. Now since surgery, my kidney function is back up to 60 percent and Creatinine is now back to 1.30. They think my GB was causing an infection that was reducing my kidney function. Crazy stuff. I will let you guys know if my BG goes high again, but it was 200 a few times last week before surgery and is now normalized.

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I don’t know if this is a fluke, because a lot of people seem to get diabetes after they have their GB removed. I will enjoy it for as long as it lasts though.

Congratulations on your normalized BG’s and being able to eat on a more relaxed meal schedule. I hope that it continues for you and no more gall bladder attacks is great.

Firenza, I have never eaten this healthy before lol. I cut out all sugar and sugar drinks 2 years ago after being diagnosed Type 2, but I continued to eat bad foods. I just limited it to one meal a day and used insulin to stop the BG spikes. Not the right way to manage diabetes at all. I went to a BG of 140 last night because I ate too big a bun with my 2 veggie burgers. I will go down to a smaller 100 percent whole grain bun. But BG was normal after 3 hours, back down to 109. I know this won’t last forever though. But I will enjoy it while I can. My blood pressure is also lowering too. I read that poor quality bile and a bad gallbladder can cause you to metabolize foods improperly, leading to weight gain and higher blood sugar. I’m hoping that the removed GB will continue to improve things. I know I am still diabetic, because an A1C of 7.1 doesn’t happen to a non-diabetic person. Those veggie burgers really hit the spot. They tasted almost as good as a Big Mac. They only have 8 grams of carbs each, and 100 calories. I was amazed at how tasty they were. I can easily give up Macdees for these little veggie burgers.

I also had 2 baby gold baked potatoes with the skins on them, dipped in fat free ranch dressing. The potatoes were like 20 grams of carbs each, but I find that if I leave the skins on them, they do not cause too high of a BG spike. The skins stop them from being digested too fast. I don’t eat potatoes all of the time though.