Nosebleeds and Diabetes?

Recently I’ve been having nose bleeds. (Just had two in the last 10 mins) Which is a very uncommon thing for me. I’ve been diabetic for 15 years, was curious if there is any correlation with being a Diabetic and having this occur. With these nose bleeds I’ve been having really bad headaches which start
first then the bleeding happens. Could this be the start to something serious? Am I just worrying over nothing?

I agree, the headache with the nosebleed warrants a blood pressure check.

May be allergies. Havent heard of diabetes causing nosebleeds.

One of my friends gets nosebleeds when she’s really high (talking over 500). I don’t usually get that high, so I can’t be sure if it would happen to me.

Thank you for your input everyone

I wondered that same question last night, when my 15 year old daughter, who has had Type 1 for 2 1/2 years, had a nose bleed. (Thank goodness I’d just happened to see Dr Oz show how to stop a nose bleed just last week! I knew to put the head forward and pinch the bridge of the nose, but I didn’t know about putting the forefinger in inside the top lip and push into the gum above the front teeth - that really worked). Because my daughter’s blood glucose levels had been running higher than usual after a birthday party the day before, I phoned the on call diabetes doctor and she didn’t know of any relationship between the two things, I didn’t think my daughter’s blood pressure would be too high at her age, so I concluded that it was because she blew her nose too hard.

I’m still wondering today about the relationship but seeing this query here, I guess there’s no cause for concern. Thank you for sharing your question.

Wondering the same thing at the moment! My 10yo T1D daughter has had four nosebleeds in the past week. She’s never had them before - nor has anyone in our family. Last clinic was only a little over a week ago and BP was fine - if anything a little on the low side. Will check with nurse on Monday.

Hey, not to be too simple but Drinking W@ter is Good Cure…
Hydr@tion is most import@nt!

Thanks Mateo - completely agree that hydration is very important - however drinking water is not an issue with my daughter. The kid does not go anywhere without two large bottles of water and is constantly drinking. Will keep an eye on it. I know not everything is T1D related - she was only diagnosed 5 months ago so I guess I am still at the stage where I don’t know all the ins and outs of this thing. But learning every single day.

I had a bloody nose last night for 4 hours. Labs came out ok, blood pressure was high. but other than that I have no idea??? Have had bloodynoses before but not for hours.
yes they recomended plenty of water.

Things that seem to cause nosebleeds. Both my sister and daughter had a serious problem with them when they were younger.

Hydration-mucus membranes dry out it is easier for them to tear.
High Blood pressure
Allergies-cause irritation, excessive blowing
Thin walls of blood vessels in the nose. This was what caused my sisters problem. She eventually outgrew it. May have been my daughter's problem too.
Dry air-This caused my daughter problems too but I still think thin walls had a part since we all breathed the same desert air but only she had chronic nosebleeds.

I think with the headache I would be concerned it was high BP. My MIL had that problem. It would be worth checking it out just so you don't worry.