Not Celiac

For the past several weeks I have been having some really weird digestive problems (ie stomach cramps, gas, loose stool). I couldn’t isolate any one thing that was causing my digestive issues. One night I had 3 pints of stout (my very favoritest beer) and woke at 4:15 the following morning with all the symptoms. I had no idea what celiac disease was, but saw an article on Yahoo about the rise in celiac disease. I saw the symptoms and it freaked me out. I asked my endo for the blood test (she’s awesome), and I went to get the test, it came back negative (if I’m reading the results correctly).
Now I gotta find the reason behind these digestive issues…I think I am going to eliminate wheat and gluten from my diet to see if maybe I have developed an allergy to wheat.It really isn’t my favorite food anyway, it’s just in EVERYTHING. It’ll probably kill me, but I may experiment with elinating dairy as well. I don’t think it is a dairy issue, as I have symptoms without dairy and occasionally dairy without symptoms. I just don’t know what it could be. Very confused.

I have similar issues. They were very bad and almost constant before my DX and getting my BG down. Now they are infrequent, but a pain. They always seem to hit me at night. Like you I have tried to narrow it down to certain foods, but it just seems to be random. I take acidopholis every day now and it seems to help my gut feel better, but I still had a couple days a week ago where these symptoms ruined my sleep. I have several complications especially nerve issues. This may be my problem. Just guessing.