Celiac Disease

I’ve been seeing a GI Specialist for stomach issues. I’ve had an upper endoscopy & a colonoscopy. The upper came back with abnormal tissue in my stomach. The Dr said it could be Celiac which is a sensativity to wheat & certain protien. Anyone deal with this? How does it affect your diet & diabetes?

I haven’t had an upper endoscopy, but had a blood test that indicated I was gluten-intolerant. It’s been really hard finding food that tastes good and is affordable. And it’s been so hard giving up Olive Garden’s breadsticks and all other pasta. I’m trying, but it’s hard.

HAHA I hear you. I’m a cake, ice cream, carb junkie. Damn you diabetes! lol

Hi. (I do have diabetes and celiac.) We have a group, Celiac and Diabetes, which might be helpful to you. Simply put, with ceiliac, you can’t eat wheat, barley, and rye anymore. Oats should say “gluten free,” although I find McCann’s are fine. If you do accidentally eat gluten, it messes up your digestion. There are a lot of gluten-free websites with good recipes, and many stores carry gluten-free foods. It is an awful nuisance for sure, but if celiac is the problem, you will soon feel a lot better on a gluten-free diet. As for affecting your diabetes, you may find yourself eating less in the way of baked goods and processed flour, which means fewer carbs. There are some good pastas, by the way. Tinkyada is my favorite, along with Eden’s 100% buckwheat noodles. Good luck! Trudy

Thank you Trudy. I’ll check out the diabetes & celiac group.

yes Celiac is a pain but a lot of long term type 1s get it…I got it after 45 yrs. of type one
regards packrat

Hi. I found a book I like on Celiac Disease, which I just now wrote a comment about on the group, Celiac and Diabetes. I thought you might be interested in this book. I hope things are going well for you. Trudy