Not yet, appeal time

Well, the letter arrived from Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield. They’ve decided to deny my appeal for a pre-authorization for my CGMS. My case rep sent along all sorts of pages explaining, in their words, that any use over 3 days of the CGMS is considered still investigational. Aargh, I’m understandably bummed. Now I need to fill out the 2nd appeal. Three days does indeed give you abit of a pattern-albeit not very consistent, so why wouldn’t 10 or 20? Are they just behind the times? Do they really think people will just rely on it soley? I’m not giving up, but the effort required to send more paperwork to them is huge. Thanks for letting me update.

I too have blue cross blue shield but in Florida. I tried to do the same thing as you but with the test strips that go with the meter that came with the pump that was covered by my insurance. (Have I lost anyone yet?) I can’t understand why the strips can’t be covered, especially when the machine they are used with is for the pump they want you to use. Ahhhhhh! I wish you all the luck with the 2nd./ appeal. Keep me posted. I really want the CGMS so I can get into control for a baby one day.
I reward you for all the hard work you are doing.