Notorious BS Spike Post Run

Hello T1 Runners. I'm training for my first halfie, and seeking some advice. My training consists of:
Monday and Wednesdays: spin class for 30 minutes average 10-15 miles
Tuesdays and Thursdays: lift weights and run 3-4 miles
Fridays: spin class or rest
Saturdays: longer runs 6-8 miles
Sundays: rest or short 3 mile run.
My dilemma: I become very insulin sensitive when I work out so I completely shut down my insulin pump (Omnipod). I wear the Dexcom to keep tabs while training. However, when I'm finished, about 10-15 minutes later my BS will skyrocket; I know this is from the adrenalin and release of cortisol. I've tried temp basals 5-10 at different times throughout my training, but always seem to bottom out. I've found some relief after my workouts by blousing anywhere from 10%-30% of what my current BG reading is - this sometimes works, but more often it doesn't.
So, does anyone have any thoughts on what I can do to keep my BG from those notorious spikes?


I had this problem awhile back. What helped me was having a small meal beforehand (~30 carbs, low fat, and a little protein) and bolusing half the amount, then suspending my pump during the workout. Some people don't like eating before working out, but for me, a small meal is helpful. You may need to adjust (maybe more carbs/less insulin) but I find that with a small amount of insulin on board, the spike doesn't happen or is very minimal.

Hi Troy,

I've found, for me, that if you add on the insulin I suspend or cut-back on while I exercise and add it back in after I finish that it will balance out.

Example, I am going to run for 2 hours. During the time that I will be running, I normally will have a basal rate of 1 unit per hour. Because I'll be running, I reduce the basal to 0.25 per hour. When the run is over, I have it programmed to add the 0.75 per hour units to the next 2 hours, then return to my normal basal rate. It seems to be working for me.


Hi AnJaleh,

Thanks for the tip. I used to have a small meal before I worked out, but would develop side cramps. I'll give it another try and work through (mentally) the cramps.

Hi Truffle,

Thanks for the insight. I have actually tried lowering my basal to .05 for the duration of my workout, but my BS still drops quickly then return to my normal basal. What I've tried a few times is to bolus after my workout, which seems to be working, somewhat.