First goo run after sarting my pump

I ran 6 miles today. I felt really good my prerum bg was 200 and post was 115. I felt real good. I just hope I can get back in to my groove.

Great Kevin!

Do you adjust the insulin before runs at all? I have been using temporary basal, but haven’t figured out the right way to give insulin to prevent highs and lows.

I used a temp basal rate of 50% checked bg before and after I was 200 before and 115 after not sure what will happen in a few hours. Time will tell i guess. This is my first run after gtting my pump I hope I can help ya. I have a 20k race at the end of the month and want to feel ok.

I do something similar and it seems to work for me for rollerblading a running (I usually go 45-1 hour). I start a 50% temporary basal half hour to an hour before I start the workout and leave it there for one hour. So for the end of the workout, I have a normal basal rate.

One thing about basal rates is that your current rate actually affects you most in 1-3 hours because the insulin does not work instantly and it lasts for 4 hours.

My problem has been highs after the workout. The temp basal got rid of lows. So now I’m experimenting with giving a small bolus after I finish. Keep us posted on how you are doing!

thank you or the info