Nova Scotia Government is a Scrooge for those living with diabetes

After the announcement earlier this month by the Saskatchewan government that they would be expanding their coverage of diabetes devices and supplies, Nova Scotia has sadly announced this week that they will not cover insulin pumps for residents of any age. I have to admit that I remain very shocked and disappointed by this announcement.

I have met a number of people who have worked hard in Nova Scotia for a lot of years to see improved access to devices and supplies in that province. I am surprised that their efforts continue to go for not.

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From the CDA website :
On Facebook a discussion as well ...I ( from the province of British Columbia ) plan to write the N.S. policy makers via e-mail , incl picture of the " OUTRAGE " t-shirt ( shirt : thanks to Manny :)

I'm so sorry. This is what scares me so much about the Health Care Reform that is being debated within in the US. And the politicians in the states are talking about how much Canadians love their Healthcare system.
A meeting of the Health Ministers , Victoria , BC