November Highs

This is a new month with new beginnings. I am pretty excited about doing my 15 minutes of activity on World Diabetes Day. I am pretty sure my friends are just going to think I have lost it. Ha. It will be fun.

My Ultra One Touch died on me. =( I found out the hard way that is doesn’t like the cold. As a replacement I have a cute little One Touch Ultra Mini. My only problem is that I have to carry around another bottle to keep my sharps in & my lancet thing seems to have a mind of it’s own. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t work, I feel like I am wasting my time trying to get a reading. I am sure everyone at work must think I have a problem! I always seem to be running off to the bathroom.

So, I have been fairly positive this week. I have been doing mini walks to get back into the swing of exercise and I have even been testing and eating “better” meals and snacks. Unfortunately the numbers are not agreeing with me! Today for example my numbers have been nuts. 7.0, 8.8, 10.3, 9.2, 12.1, 15.0 and I don’t even want to know what it is now! Goodness. What’s up? I use to have numbers like 4.0 and 5.2 all the time! Something is not right here and I can’t figure it out. Anyway, I have the feeling I am using this poor website (but great place) to vent my frustrations and unhappy mood. I apologize to everyone. I am just having a pity party, which hasn’t lifted yet

My goal is to be more positive.

Sorry again everyone.

My dear Carly… it is because of you and I…the community, that’s why this website is here. You can vent, complain, pour your heart out and share your moods…anytime. We are here to be with you, to listen, to understand, to support and share experiences and knowledge.
A good direction you have there though…your goal to be positive. Thats a great start!
How long has it been since your bg been high? It could be several factors. Have you been eating well? Are you under some stress lately? You said your meter is malfunctioning sometimes? Maybe you can call/see your doctor for guidance too.
I hope all will be better soon.

Your body might also be fighting off something…(cold, flu). Be patient with yourself. You are doing great.

My numbers have been up as well…my fasting this am…over 200!! My bs was 130 when I went to bed…I actually worried about being low!! Crazy me! This entire week has been a bad week for blood sugars…but, today is a new day, and hopefully I will beign to come down from my crazy morning high!

Thanks Amy, Megha, Renata and Teena.

The support here is great! I was just having an off couple of days (more like weeks). BUT I am now on the right track. I’ve found out that another co-worker is Type 2 and she trying to help me out. ( It can be kind of intimidating.) We are now comparing snacks at break time. It is strange.

I will talk with my nutritionist at the end of the week. I’ve been keeping a journal that is very honest. She is going to be questioning me quite a bit I think. My last real high was a few weeks ago around 28 but it went down to 23 in the morning. My numbers have NEVER been that high before. Thinking back I think it was the rich cake and 12 diet Pepsi’s I drank in a 5 our period. This is was still a very bad number the doctor told me. That scared me and I think this could have been why I was so upset before.

I got another “new” Ultra Mini yesterday. I had a pink one and now I have a silver one because I told the pharmacy that my lancet pen wasn’t always working. They gave me a whole new kit! I am not sure if I should just take the lancet thing out and keep it as a back up or not.

Stress is playing a large factor in my BG readings. I tend to get overwhelmed easily so, I am working on this. I did a fun test at work with my BG. I tested before I went into a class for 35 mins and then tested again after I was done. My BG started at 6.3 and ended up at 7.2 hmm…kids and work. Very interesting.

Well, I just wanted to Thank you for your support. I am doing better and once I have the meters and strips working right I hope to have better readings.