Novolog discount card

I just posted this information under a $5000 deductible post but wanted to make sure everyone could see it. I’m not sure if anyone has seen or posted this information. Here is a link to a Novolog discount card. I have used this with my RX for Novolog through Cornerstones4care. I think this program is run through them. I pay no more than $25 month for my Novolog. It takes you to their site.

It does ask the following question. So I think it won’t work for certain types of programs.
“Are you enrolled in any government, state, or federally funded medical or prescription benefit programs? (Examples include but are not limited to Medicare, Medigap, VA, DOD, TRICARE, or any similar federal or state health care program.)”

Well it’s worth a try for anyone that uses Novolog and pays more than $25 a month for it.

@Kristy13 the reason for the question, is because people who are covered under those plans already receive a government negotiated price/cost reduction that has a confidentiality clause attached to it. Novo Nordisk does not want to double discount an already discounted product.

It is illegal to combine benefits from those programs with a private cost lowering program. The reason is that manufacturers cannot induce or influence a person on of these programs to seek the medication or service.

So here is the deal, suppose drug companies could use one of these programs to subsidize a person to obtain their service or medication? That company might give this fictions person $200 and a prescription to obtain the drug or device when the patient cost is really $100. The company might raise their price and in essence bribe the individual to obtain the item or service.

The government is particularly susceptible since they are usually the lowest reimbursement agent. They get better deals because of volume than almost any other provider.

Anyway, I hate this policy when people on government assistance usually end up paying more than those without using government assistance.

On more thing remember if you are using Medicare Part A and B and not a Part D prescription drug you are eligible for cost sharing programs by private companies. You are not eligible for Part A or Part B covered rebates. But the generic disclaimer if you are on government assistance does not apply if you are not using a government assisted drug plan like Medicare Part D.

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Concerning original Medicare, in particular, if you are a documented user of an insulin pump which has been determined to be medically necessary – forgive the bureaucratese, but this is what I’ve learned over the last two years – Medicare will cover insulin 100% after you meet the Part B deductible, which I believe is $187 or thereabouts. Under Part B, it is classified as supplies for the pump, which is the actual durable medical equipment. Last January, I fulfilled the deductible with my first prescription of the year. The pharmacy actually overcharged me; it had taken a good bit of rigamorole to get Medicare to approve it the first time, so I didn’t question the charge when it was approved, as I was running really low at the time. However, Medicare, that behemoth bureaucracy, sent me a reimbursement check for the overage that I had been unaware of.

Medicare Advantage plans, which are private insurance, do not do this. They are very convenient, but don’t include some of the benefits that Medicare does.

One of the great blessings of using a pump!!!

It is, indeed!