Novopen Jr

Has anyone had any experience with the Novopen Jr? Right now we use vials and syringes and it's a real pain in the butt (no punn intended). Jake's not interested in a pump at all. He doesn't like the idea of having something attached to him all day. He's happy to just stop for a minute, get his "pinch" and go back to what he's doing. I was thinking about the pen because my mom and mother in law watch him during the day. Since they both have bifocals to read they find that they can't see the markings on the syringes very ell if they wear their contacts instead of glasses. I'm lucky enough to have them watch Jake so that I can continue to work and not have to worry about day care. With summer approaching I thought to make things a little nicer for them so they don't have to deal with their glasses I thought the pen might be a great alternative. It's much easier to read. Have you found that the pen is acurate? My husband uses the disposable pens and he has found that sometimes he'll have big air bubbles and he doesn't get as much insulin as he intended. I'm wondering if the Jr pen is any different since it uses cartridges. Sorry this was so long and thanks for reading!!! You guys are great!!!

My daughter used the Jr. pen for a couple of years before she started pumping. We liked it quite a bit. Doses were accurate and easy to dial up, even for aging eyes. Also you can do 1/2 units pretty easily. We didn't have problems with air bubbles at all. We also used the lantus pen. The needs were super fine and not too painful.

My son has used the Novo Pen Jr for years. first when he was on Mdi and even now he keeps it in his pack for when he has a pump failure away from home. In fact, he gave himself a shot at school the other day after his pod occluded, we were so proud of him!

The only disadvantage is that you cannot mix Lantus with it so when he was on MDI, we did his evening shot (Lantus + Humalog) via syringe so we could mix them.

Both of my girls used the novopen Jr. We loved it. Much easier than syringes, and I felt more accurate. As long as you prep the pen each time you use it, then there is no issues with bubbles. Also the pen is less scary looking in public situations. Most people don’t realize it is a medical device. Also with a pen you have more needle options. At the end my girls were using the nano needles so they didn’t even need to pinch. The pen makes it much easier to dose. No more lining up the little black lines. Just listen for the clicks!

My son, 11 yo, has used the novalog pen , jr since 3 days after his diagnosis. He also isn't very interested in the pump. The pen works great. Seems to be very accurate. He does his own injections 60 - 70% of the time.

We used the Jr Pen before our daughter started pumping- it is easy and accurate - never had any problems.

Thank you all so much!!! I think this is what we're going to go with. Jake is 4 and has 1 more year before kindergarten (b/c of when his bday falls)and he already showing interest in doing injections himself but with the syringes, he seems to bump the plunger too often so I ususally don't let him do it. He's on Novalog with each meal and snack and does 2 injections of Levemir per day. I think you can put Levemir in the pen too (I think they have 2 different colors right?) so it wouldn't mean any extra injections for him. Thanks again.