Now that was a really wierd dream!

Early this morning I was dreaming very clearly. One of those dreams which feels real. Anyways.
I was waiting for my bus after work with a couple of workmates, one workmate called his girlfriend or wife and said he’d be home in a flash and then he whipped out a silver novopen 4 and took insulin (told you it was a very clear dream) I was thinking to tell him to wait until he came home but he finished before I could. When the bus was supposed to come, it didn’t come so we went into my parents caravan (now we’re all of a sudden hours and hours away from work, in a caravan which was sold 2 years ago and used to stand outside my parents apartment) to wait for the next bus. We didn’t make it out to the busstop again and saw the bus just passing by so we had to wait for the next again which was arriving 1h before the bus that didn’t come. Now I started to get worried about my workmate who had taken insulin before. Kept asking how he was feeling every few minutes. When the bus was about to come I asked my workmate again and he said he was low- surprise surprise. We had both soda and sugar in the caravan, but instead of grabbing that I asked my workmate what insulin he had taken (maybe to know how much sweets to send with him so he’d not go dangerously low on the way home?) he said it was something from Lily but I disagreed because I saw he had used a Novopen and they don’t fit with Lily. So he took out his pen and we looked at the name and then it just got more wierd… It said Novomed something on the cartridge. “Hmm generic brand” and the pentip was split in two. About then I woke up :S

It was all just so wierd! I don’t even work with someone who is insulin dependant even though there are one or two in the building as far as I know.

What can I say… An insight in a pre or non-diabetic’s wierd dreams LOL

Dreams are usually connected to one’s reality It forms part of one’s life and experiences. Some researchers say that dreams are representation of our own greatest fears or strongest desires =)

Something tells me this dream was either telling me about the future or giving me a hint about keeping an eye on my workmates :S I have been known to have reality dreams before… I have even been known to dream about a friend passing, waking up crying and later in the morning find out that someone from an online forum had indeed passed that night :open_mouth: It’s quite scary sometimes :frowning: