Force 9 Gale blowing in our bedroom

You wake up some mornings after dreaming and forget you have diabetes perhaps it was all a dream,when you dream you can be diabetes free have no heart or prostrate problems run chase jump and sing and it all seems so real,perhaps that's the solution sleep forever but as we all know even in dreams we can have nightmares usually something in your past sparks it off and you wake up in a sweat glad to be awake diabetes and all.

This morning I awoke sun trying it's best to shine through the bedroom curtains and for one brief moment in time I was pain free happy and full of beans then your mind wakes up fully and pulls you back to reality,as soon as I put my feet on the carpet my ankes gave me a further wake up call even the birds singing outside the window couldn't gloss over the let down I hobbled to the toilet stood there for ages you do with prostrate felt light headed and had to sit down well that's a man for you.

Returning back to bed the wife and smudge were in snooring mood the curtains blew back and forward in sync I managed to slip into bed not easy with the wife spread out and the cat sleeping on my pillar so there I was half in bed half out one leg in one leg on the floor I am sure the sparrows outside were chuckling there heads off but that's like as we know it Jim.

Smudge finally had enough of the blizzard being thrown out by th 12 inch fan on the wifes bedside cabinet she slowly got to the floor and stretched out in front of the wall heater, I covered my head to avoid the cold blast of air being blown my way and eventually went back to sleep, all this and it was only 4am no idea if I dreampt again and to be honest I didn't care, must get some cotton wool for my ears a sleeping bag or even a tent one of those they use mountain climbing love fresh air but when it parts your hair it is a bit too much.

It is 10.48am all medication done victoza injected but not had insulin yet, not very hungry silly to leave the insulin so late but going to sleep typing this.

Best regards friends and all Twiddlemethumbszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz