Nude Diabetes Advocacy Calendar Seeking Participants

Hi bay Area Friends!

A fellow type one (she is a professional photographer) and I are organizing a 12 month calendar of portraits of individuals, couples, friends and family members living with T1D. . . in the nude (or mostly nude). Participants have been using various diabetes supplies and associated items to cover swimsuit areas. Instead of a censor bar, we will be using meters, syringes, pump sites, glucose tabs etc.

Living with type one changes your body. How many calories have you consumed in low blood sugar supplies? How many bruises and knots do you have from injections or pump sites? Are your fingers calloused from years of bg checking? Has diabetes inspired you to be more active or take better care of yourself before your diagnosis? Regardless of any changes, don't you feel so lucky to be alive? That you have a working body that can live off of synthetic hormones? We want to show people that type one bodies living with diabetes are diverse, beautiful, capable, and embraced.

If you are proud of your life and journey with type one, and are interested in sharing your tastefully nude (no straightforward family jewel shots) body via our advocacy calendar, please contact me. Professional photography sessions are scheduled now through November 1st, so we can print before the new year. All shapes, sizes, genders, and ethnicities welcome.

Proceeds from the calendar will go to several of the wonderful diabetes organizations here in the Bay Area.