Number 3 on the Autoimmune Countdown: Vitiligo

Just got the official vitiligo diagnosis yesterday. Samantha has a few white patches on her upper arms. Thought it was probably vitiligo, just didn't know if there was anything to do about it. Starting off with a steroid cream twice a day.

Add that to insulin as needed, Synthroid for hypothyroidism and captopril to prevent kidney damage.

It seems unfair that all I can really say about this is it's INCREDIBLY UNFAIR.

Samantha wants to know when the autoimmune barrage will stop. I told her that's #3, that has to be it. Things come in 3s.

For anyone who feels like saying it's possible to have 4-5, please don't tell me.

On with softball season. I think the only thing I can do is make sure she can still do what she loves and whatever may make her feel like a normal teenager.

Yup, autoimmune diseases often do come in groups. But yes, she can still play softball or do anything else she wants to do! Yeah, she has to put up with nuisances, but with a loving mom like YOU, she's one step ahead of the game! :-)

I got vitiligo a year before my dx with type 1, so I was 12. I was very very self-conscious about it. now it doesn't bother me in the least. I am so sorry, I know how she feels. btw, I don't have any other autoimmune things. and I think there is some hope out there for the vitiligo if you get to it early.

only 4 in this group, please join.

Thanks! Feeling down today, but will get back on track.

I hear daughter Trinity; 12 yrs old. Type 1, on the pump, hypothyroidism, as well as celiac disease...good times.. Not.
Shes a tough little girl but sometimes I just ask "how much can one kid take" what else are you going to pile on this poor girl???

I always have to remind her that it could always be worse..but man my heart breaks for her sometimes.

Stay strong. Youre not alone. :)