Type 1 diabetes and vitiligo


I am curious to find out if any of you have vitiligo. I have had it for years, and luckily for me, I am very pale skinned so it is not as noticable. It is something that always has affected me mentally and emotionally, and I am finally trying to get a grasp on it to see if there is anything I can do to stop it from progressing. I have done quite a bit of research and found tons of cream, and different treatments, but I just don't trust any of the websites out there. The last time I saw a dr. about it was over 15 years ago, and at that point, my dr. had no advice for me, he said there was nothing that could be done.

If any of you could share your thoughts with me, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you,


all I’ve heard about is skin bleaching. I know that’s what Michael Jackson did.


Yes, you are Lucky that you are really fair skinned. I wouldn’t trust websites trying to sell treatments for it either unless recommended by a Dermatologist.

I don’t know if you have seen these sites. I haven’t read the complete treatment articles and they use similar therapies. They are reputable site and you may find something useful. I’d be hesitant in trying the would steroid treatment for that though.




There is probably a Vitiligo Association also. But I guess you have been to that site.

I wish you Good Luck in finding a useful treatment.

I’ve had it since I was 12, one year before my type1 dx. there’s at least one other member here with it, I just can’t remember his name right now. Some years it increases and some years it decreases with me. It used to bother me a lot more when I was younger. My attitude about it now is, don’ get too tan, and wear fabulous jewelry as much as possible!

Hi Amanda,

I don’t have vilitigo but my Grand father had it and now my mother have it. There is a 30% genetic probability that I will have it. Fortunately, God wash me with bleach before I born :smiley: So maybe it won’t be very obvious in my case also if I had it.

Is anyone else in your family has it ? I’ll ask to my mother if she use something for it. As you are in Canada also, there is a chance that the product will be available for you if she has something to suggest.

As an Asian, it was quite noticeable when I had developed these white skin patches on the areas near my mouth and ears. When I went to see a dermatologist, I was prescribed a topical ointment or cream.

The first med in 2006 was Protopic (tacrolimus ointment). Drugs.com describes it as “Protopic is a topical macrolide immunosuppressant. It works by decreasing cell activity in the body’s immune system which helps to slow down the growth of atopic dermatitis (eczema) on your skin. Protopic is used to treat severe atopic dermatitis when other medications have not worked well. Protopic may also be used for purposes other than those listed here. Read more: http://www.drugs.com/protopic.html#ixzz0oZj0zhur.”

However, I didn’t quite get the best results when using this medicine.

So, I went to see another dermatologist in 2007 (had different insurance at that point), and she prescribed Elidel (pimecrolimus cream 1%). Drugs.com describes it as “Elidel is a cream containing pimecrolimus, an immunosuppressant. It works by decreasing your body’s immune system to help slow down the growth of atopic dermatitis (eczema) on your skin. Elidel is used to treat severe atopic dermatitis when other medications have not worked well. Elidel may also be used for purposes other than those listed here. Read more: http://www.drugs.com/elidel.html#ixzz0oZjxPX5w.”

Within a few months of using Elidel, all of the white patches seem to have disappeared. It worked for me and am not sure if these meds are available without a prescription where you are. It may be time to visit a dermatologist and inquire what new treatments may be available.

i have vitiligo…it started with my knees a few years before my T1 diagnosis…thru the 17 years with T1 my vitiligo has progressed to my elbows and hands…i’m fair skinned too so it only shows up in the summer when i’m out in the sun…i’ve kind of chalked it up to one of those things that you just deal with and let life take its toll…i’ve never really used any treatments except retinol, years ago and it thinned my skin…i hope you find the answers you are looking for! take care!

Thank you everyone for all of your comments, it’s much appreciated! I love this website, as so many of you are very helpful and willing to take the time and give advice!

Thank you so, so, much!!!


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If you try one of the suggested products, please share with us if one of them works for you.

I definately will! I just have to wait now to see when my appt. will be with the dermatologist! I’ll keep you posted!

Hey Amanda

I have T1 for last 20 years and in last 3 years , i have strated developing white patched on my foot and leg and this Vitiligo. I was very scared and it was affecting my psyche. I went to the doctor . He prescribed phototherapy, some vitamins and finaly steroid… I am not sure if Steroid is having any affcet on my Vitiligo but it is definelty throwing my BS out of control . I am really scared if this pread to my body and face …

Cheers Anoop S

Actually i have never hear of it before I read your post. Now I as I look at my wrists and knees, I would have to say I have it. So no, I have never treated it, but as a very fair skinned person, I have a new appreciation for why I need to avoid sun burns. So, Thanks for the post.

rick phillips

Just got Type 1 four months ago. Im 99 percent sure I have vitiligo from what I have read on other websites and have noticed whiter areas probably for the last 3 years. I haven’t been to a Dr to be diagnosed although it has very slowly spread. Is there any advantage of being diagnosed? So far i have only been affected in areas not seen on an everyday basis, yet I also find it hard to deal with emotionally. I haven’t told family or my gf tho im surprised she hasn’t noticed or said anything. Also, is there any over the counter products worth using?

Thanks, Rick

Hi Amanda,
I realise it’s been a few years since your post but I’m interested to see how you are going. I have just been diagnosed with vitiligo and have had Type 1 since late 2006. I’m wondering if you have tried any treatments and what results you’ve had. I have been given steroid creams from my dermatologist. Have been using for nearly two months but not much seems to have changed. I have it around my mouth, my forehead, my neck and bits on my hands. It just appeared from nowhere! Luckily my skin is quite light but it is still noticeable and I’m very down about it. Would love to hear from you.

yes, I have it on my knee


please let us know how the cream works... I have avoided the cream the dr gave me as im paranoid about side effects... I figure I will just let it be until it becomes noticable and deal with it then.


What side effects are you worried about? Is it the skin thinning?

Yep I do, not too bad though and I’m very fair skinned, but it is another autoimmune issue.

Hi Tania,
Sorry for my delay in responding, I just gave birth to my second daughter three weeks ago so things have been a little hectic....my vitiligo has not gotten any worse, in fact the first time I was pregnant (in 2010) it started to disappear and my skin colour started to come back(im guessing from the hormones)but after I delivered it slowly came again but never has gotten worse. Second time I got pregnant, nothing changed, it stayed the same....I have it under my armpits and around my eyes, but fortunately, I am so fair skinned that I have to tell people I have it as that is how unoticable it is, however in the summer, I have people ask me if I wore my sunglasses out in the sun as my whole face tans but the circles around my eyes. I am conscious of it if I dont have me dermablend on (concealer cream to blend it in)and when I did go and see the dermatologist he thought I should get councelling because he thought it was crazy that it bothered me (don't think I'll be going back to him, lol)....he told me there are treatments I can have done but not to worry about it until I'm done having kids as you can't take the medication while pregnant. I think about it everyday, and everytime I look in the mirror it bothers me...I just really hope it doesn't get any worse or start appearing in new places. If you do end up using anything that helps, please be sure to keep in touch with me, and I will do the same. I know it is not a nice thing to have, but try to be positive and also thankful for being light skinned. I have seen a lot of darker skinned people that have it, and feel so sorry for them, as it is very noticable on them :(

Take care, and feel free to message me anytime!