Numbers, Diet and Control

Ok, after a few days of excellent waking numbers, along cam Thursday and eating “a little” more and higher waking (143) and a general desire to EAT!!! Its crazy. Its like I want that bagel, pizza, a huge bowl of spaghetti and why? Earlier in the summer I weighed my self to 275! I was shocked. My first thought was about the 5 pound difference in my scale and my Doctors scale! You can imagine how I dieted approaching the August 22nd appointment. At that time he weighed me in at approx 269. Since that day I have to say I have greatly reduced my intake and cut back on bread at least 90%. my weight this morning? 262. My best weigh in was about 10 days ago at 258. After 2 months at it I am frustrated that I have not lost more. My blood glucose numbers have thank god come down. My last A1C was 10.2! The highest its ever been and definitely a result of too many sandwiches for lunch, Donuts at Dunkin and a lack of any kind of feeble attempt at exercise.
Since being unemployed (mid September), I have been walking 2 miles a day and dieting even more stringently. Most days finds me eating a small can of tuna with some squeezed lemon and a few crackers. Breakfast a egg white omelette with some Feta cheese and dinner, Mostly protein, chicken or meat with veggies and or some small amount of carb. OUCH I want either more weight loss or more food!!! Anyway thanks for allowing me to vent.

I believe that this specific type of mental struggle that we all go through when we try to adopt new habits to suit our diabetes is actually the most difficult of all the difficult things we have to do.

We all must find our own best way to do this. Not even our Dr. can do it for us. And, you are obviously working very hard to accomplish that.

Here are a few ideas that might help you make some shifts in your thinking. First of all, I would focus intently on creating a diet that suits both you and your blood sugar. If you do this you will most likely lose the weight you are seeking to lose. You will also bring your blood sugar into a better range and improve your A1c. For me, this meant going to a low-carb diet. You may find something else that works better for you. But, if you are the one that creates the diet you are more likely to stay with it than to follow someone else’s diet completely. Use them for ideas.

The other thing that has helped me was a complete change in how I looked at food. Food is medicine and I use it to help manage my blood sugar. Look at it this way; in your car there is a voltage regulator. It maintains the proper level of energy flowing through all of the cars systems (think pancreas and blood sugar).

Let’s say that the regulator quits working. You have no option but to manage that flow of energy on your own. You must calculate what is used at different demand levels and then you must anticipate them. All the while you must continue driving as you normally would. That is what you are doing now. Whether you acknowledge it or not. This is true for all of us. The management (a far better term than control) of our blood sugar demands the same attention and understanding.

This forum is where I learned an awful lot of the things I needed to know. Most likely someone here has asked the same question, whatever it is.

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The low carb diet has worked for me too. While I’m not on a ketogenic diet, I found that some of the recipes helped introduce some variety and that was critical to staying on track. I think regular tuna, lemon and crackers would sabotage any effort at weight loss or BS control.

Second, I stopped paying any attention to weight loss. I did lose about 20 lbs initially, but that has slowed. The big win for me was to get my A1c down to 6.6 While I’d like to get that a bit lower, I’m declaring victory!

I try not to be hungry as much as possible. I just don’t reach for bread or pasta or foods with hidden sugar. And even though I’m eating more whole eggs, butter and good fats, my latest blood lipids panel was improved over previous results. Advice from my doctor: keep doing what you’re doing; see you in six months!


I think regular tuna, lemon and crackers would sabotage any effort at weight loss or BS control.

Can you please explain this?


If it was only a few crackers, it might be entirely reasonable—that said, I also recommend low carb, so maybe swapping the crackers for veggies?

You don’t mention what types of treatments are you are using—are you taking anything like metformin, which can help with both the blood sugars and weight loss?

Sorry I have been tardy in responding. I take quite a few meds.
Metformin, Pioglitazone, glyboride, Victoza, and when I say a can its a 4oz (small) and 2-3 Finn crisp crackers. My diet changed radically since my last visit to endo with a 10.2 a1c. Also walking 2 miles daily…

My earlier comments regarding tuna, lemon and crackers were not intended to suggest that those are bad foods. I was suggesting that if you eat the same limited foods over and over, you start to feel deprived and are more likely to go off your food plan.

Very true! It’s very difficult to find satisfying replacements for a sandwich. Dinner very difficult as well. I have had a large appetite all my life. Trying to get a handle on my type 2 diabetes means control of my diet. I find it quite a challenge. Last night was 38 years since my wife and I met. We went out and had
Pasta and white clam sauce and a pizza with sausage! That was very good. I did test this morning with understandably high BG but just did my two mile walk and today will be strictly low (or no) carb. Thank You for support and care!


I am a big fan of wraps and tortillas. You get all that goodness of what is inside the sandwich and a wrap can be very low carb. Mission has tortillas which have 4-6 net grams of carb. Tumaros has wraps that are 6 net grams of carb. Because of the high fiber in these products I find that I can readily tolerate 2 wraps with an awesome stuff inside and do very well.

Another bonus is you can use these products for pizza. Brush them with olive oil, bake them for 2-3 minutes each side in the oven and then top them with all your favorite ingredients.


Me too, Brian…I use my smaller 4 carb pitas from Joseph’s Bakery. Made with flax and stone ground wheat. They make a delicious sandwich —and you can broil or grill them. They also make a great individual pizza crust!

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Thanks Brian and Judith,
I just picked up the Josephs Low carb wraps and pitas. Cant wait to try them!!!

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Here are some posts I’ve made about low carb recipes

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Thank you Brian,
I found Josephs Low carb - High protein wraps and had a turkey swiss wrap for lunch (it was delicious) I actually cut the wrap in half. I am sure I could eat a whole one!. I am waiting to test to see how my BG handled it. Thanks for the advice!I am looking forward to the “Pizza” with it.

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Update time;
The Pita’s and wraps are great! What I realized almost immediately was once in a while! Why I say that was immediately I found myself testing a little higher but wanting and planning one at every meal… So it had to have a reality check to limit to more like once a day. Last night I had a Pita with ham, provolone and a little spicy salad for dinner. Paired with a 13 bean soup it was great and this morning waking number? a very satisfying 101. Weight still seams at a standstill, I will not relent. Recently during my daily 2 miles I made a comment to my self that if I had a dream weight and I actually thought 225, a weight I have not seen in many many years. Anyway everyone have a great day!!!

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