Numbers Game

As a tightly controlled type 1, I understand that lows are a part of life. My pump trainer once told me that the “suggested” “normal” rate for lows is 1 every 3 days, with 1 below 60 low per week. Well, according to that logic, I’m a walking low machine.

In the past 3 days, I have had 8 technical lows, with 2 below 60. That isn’t counting the many below target but above low marker readings. Over the past 3 days, I have eaten so many calories, I could have fed quite a few Chinese quake victims.

Side note: It really is sad how many extra calories I have to consume that could be shipped overseas to starving people.

Anyway, these lows are making my life difficult, to say the least. I’m currently at work and having to stop every few hours just to check and make sure I’m staying above the “happy” level. And having to sit here downing soda for a good 10 minutes before returning to my job.

I’m not sure what’s going on with my blood sugars. I haven’t had a series of DAYS like this before. I’ve had HOURS of lows that couldn’t be treated, but not days filled with this many lows.

I hate what it’s doing to my diet…just today I’ve consumed 420 extra calories to treat lows, that’s on top of my normal meals. And we’re only half way through the day!!! Imagine, at this rate, I’ll have consumed two days worth of calories for less than 24 hours. Talk about added weight!

Sometimes, it’s frustrating being tightly controlled. I realize the benefits in the long run FAR outweigh the cons at the moment. But still, it’s not so exciting to drink 3 sodas in 3 hours. Or eat extra snacks. Or anything else that goes along with tight control. If I didn’t care if I had feet, sight, or working organs in the future, I’d probably throw in the towel at this point and stop managing this whole disease.

And wow, that was all very randomly pieced together. My apologies.

Is your basal insulin at the right dose? Surely these lows are not what you should expect. Maybe a hormonal glitch? I know I feel like there’s something wrong with the picture when I have to eat candy and I’d rather consume something more healthful. Good luck sorting this out.

It’s stories like this that kinda freak me out about the pump sometimes. I don’t know if thats the reason you are having so many lows, but I can’t imagine walking a tightrope like that…eating and downing sodas just to get low again. It does sound like you need to adjust the dose a little, but I’m sure you know that.

Hey calories schmalories…you gotta do what you gotta do right? I’m like that too after I treat because I’m trying to shed a few lbs myself and I hate “feeding” the insulin. I hope you find the balance by the end of the day so that you can enjoy the long weekend.

I’ve been testing basals this week, so I don’t think that’s the problem. I haven’t changed anything that would have caused the lows, only lowered the insulin.

I just tell myself that diabetes does whatever it wants to, that’s why it sucks. Don’t let stories like this scare you from the pump tho! The pump can be the right choice for some people. So if you’re interested, then go for it! I’m glad that I have at least tried it…not sure it’s a permanent thing for me, but we’ll see.

Haha, gotta love being a girl! It is amazing how much diabetes can be affected by your cycle. I don’t think that’s the case for me today, but I really can’t pinpoint one thing that would make this happen. So frustrating!

Lindsey…one more thought. Any chance alcohol was involved? A “friend” had a day of lows after a night of partying.

Nope, I don’t drink at all. My blood sugars are back to normal today. Who knows what caused it!?!?! So annoying tho!

lol…I am laughing because that’s how I was a few days ago. I always use glucose tablets to treat my lows f/up by a snack; that way I don’t have to have another crash. glad to see everything is back to normal.