You know those nurses down there at the clinic are lying to me?

They called me up and told me they had access to the dexcom data when I know that they don’t because i’m not running data through the app because the app doesn’t even install on this phone model.

You think they are lying to the Doc, too? You think they are just handing the Doc somebody’s data?

I think I’m done with this charade. I’m just gonna cancel the appointment

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Do you use the reader and have you fed the readers info onto your computer? If yes and you gave permission in the past they can still access it.

More likely though they have it down they have access and never actually looked that it’s not current info.

Its only on the receiver. That’s the only place it exists.

I called them and called them to try and set up some mechanism of giving them the data because they wanted a virtual appointment. I wanted to drive the reciever to them so they could upload the data.

They called me up and said they had it. They don’t.

But, now I have uncovered the source of all recent problems. I thought it was the Doc or the pharmacy. It’s the nurses.


I am not sure how they could. My CDE uploads my dexcom when I am there and for some reason she cannot do the pump anymore. I used to do it and email it to her but I stopped doing that for a long time- nobody seems to care so I don’t bother anymore. I said I’d do it again last time, so I have to figure it out again. I did it recently with tandem after my original pump shut off twice while I was asleep.

Anyway they never get reports from Dexcom for me, maybe because I haven’t set it up. I don’t want them having unlimited access to my data.

I do get reports from a Dexcom app for weekly bg etc., but they don’t come every week lol.

They prefer virtual visits now. Hence the attempts to contact them and swing by with the receiver. All efforts failed. Its OK, I don’t need their analysis and I got a PC to write all the RX’s. The only reason I set up the apt was because those nurses called me up when my insulin RX went dead and said they would not refill unless I setup an apt. The was the start of hard feelings between us. We have been going back and forth (via phone tag) for weeks. Nothing is ever accomplished.


I don’t know where you live, but in my state a prescriber cannot refill a prescription unless you have seen him or her within the last year. Sadly, some of these laws came about because of the opioid addiction epidemic where drug-seeking patients had multiple doctors who were treating their “pain.” Of course, insulin is non-addictive, but now the laws cover all prescribers and all prescriptions.

Personally, I do not care if my endocrinologist has a constant stream of my data. Nothing really is “private” anymore, so what harm does it do if my chosen doctor has access to my data? It just saves time and sometimes trips to their office, and that is fine with me.

Opiods made it so we can’t have paper Rx records either. Its hard to manage that stuff without any access to the paperwork. The medical system created the opioid problem to begin with. Somehow the burden falls back on us. Frusterating.

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So true! We just have to hang in there, be our own health advocate, and do the best we can with what we can control. So breathe, smile at yourself in the mirror (which actually does help!), and make this a good day!

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You can do video calls can’t u.

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Well, I don’t know how challenging this has been for you as I am not in your shoes but with as much work as you have put into this, I would keep the appointment and demand to see your reports. I mean, they are your reports. Maybe they do have them. And who knows maybe there will be someone you can connect with.

I do know all my medical teams both endo and research teams has access to both pump and CGM. I use to bring the reports with me and then email them but now he has them when I show up. So he can look things over before I get there.

Generally contact with your physician – whether by video conference or just verbal conversation – can count as a “visit” enough for you to get medication refills. I agree with Sally that you should keep the appointment and demand to see the reports and paperwork. YOU are the patient who is paying the bills, so THEY work for you. They claim they have your data, so call their bluff and ask to see what they have.

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I have a PC who comes highly recommended. I already took a day off work to get the BP Rx refilled through him. I glared at him the whole time. I was furious. He just went ahead and refilled every diabetes Rx I had.

Problem solved.

The endos nurses keep calling. I immediately cancelled the apt with them. But, they keep calling. They do not yet realize that they have been cut out of the loop from here forth. ENDOCRINOLOGICAL PRIVILAGES REVOKED!!!


Good news, I am glad you found someone else to do your rx. :grinning:

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LOL And keeping up one’s ability to laugh at it restores some of our health.


I saw where a pregnant T1 had her appointment cancelled. 8 months along.