Going apeshit

I got the diabetes rage.

There is no mechanism for sending BG data to the provider.
I mailed, faxed, and provided digital access options.
No luck.

This represents complete and utter digital patient negligence on the part of the insurer (who claims that HIPPA prevents me from the right to communicate with my provider).

If they don’t answer the phone before I file this complaint with the state, then its ther problem.

There is officially, no point in seeing a Doc anymore.

Ah Ha! If you pretend that you are a dermatology patient, you can upload medical records as .jpg’s into their website. Gotcha, you bastards.


What device are you trying to send the data from? If you use a Dexcom CGM your Dr should be able to have a physician login to the Dexcom site and access all your data from there. That’s what my endo does. I thought you had one?


@mohe0001. I post my bg data into a gdrive folder and email a link my dr. She is able to use the link to access all the info. Any cloud provider should work.

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Should. Can’t. Insurer won’t allow it. I had it. I’ve just had it…

Thank you for contacting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights (OCR). OCR enforces federal civil rights laws which prohibit discrimination in the delivery of health and human services based on race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, religion, and the exercise of conscience, and also enforces the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules.

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My endos have downloaded meter, pump and dexcom data at in office appt. But usually I say I don’t want them too, unless I wanted to discuss certain data.
They do in office A1C (or now as lab test).

But I haven’t sought any advice or review from them in years (decades) about diet or insulin dosing. And why let them download and also charge extra when there is no benefit to me?

Are you sharing data that results in benefits to you, or just routine? I know you keep detailed logs!!

I recently started Tandem X2 with CIQ, so it was an exception that we reviewed the T:Connect data, and endo did have some suggestions. But more important, I asked her HOW she made sense of the data, so I could do the same.

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I don’t know, @MM1. Its not that I need them. But, what about other people like me who do need them. What if I get sick and they are suddenly (and alarmingly) in charge of everything. They have created a catch-22 where I am legally required to see a Doc in order to maintain a drivers license, but no care can be rendered. How can I ask a Doc to sign my DMV form without even offering them access to the data. I spend a lot of time and money to collect records. I collected all the vitals. I analyzed the data. The least they can do is look at it. Otherwise, I’m paying them hundreds of dollars a month to do what?

I’m not sure, but I feel like Healthcare has taught me that America is failing because of professional ineptitude. Its not just healthcare. It extends to finance and politics and every other field. This level of incompetence is undermining trust in every institution. It is making everything fail. There might be some civic responsibility to not allow things continue on like this. I feel like I’m living in the old Soviet Union.

Its the same old song and dance over and over again. I’ve had it. I’m not putting up with this. If they don’t do their jobs, their gonna have to deal with mohe. No one wants to deal with mohe. I’m gonna be a even bigger pain in the ■■■ then they are to me.

Tell me that you can’t accommodate an email address, Insurer. Tell me again…to my face. I dare you.

You have a unique situation, and sharing data makes sense. (Or maybe unique to your state).

Did you assume your doctor needed all the details? Or just a cgm review that shows percentage in range/hi/low?

Would a log of your meter bg and each time you were driving be sufficient for dr to sign off. You may go low, but the sign- off is that you only drive when in range.

Or do you want dr review of overall bg/cgm/pump input and suggestions?

Or, are you just frustrated (apeshit) no matter which.

@mohe0001 do you have Nightscout or Tidepool or a pump mfrs data site? You can give your hcp access to that and they can access on their own.

I do the same thing. Both my PA and the endo had no problems, but the initial email from the hospital was for older, traditional types of transfers. Even then, when I mentioned that they already had access to my records, the response was not clear. Sometimes, you must educate them, or at least expect that not everyone in the process is informed, or even that the administrative process/email is up to date. Even if it is image or file-bound, they might only need the last weeks in an image or CSV.

For my PA visit, amid the initial pandemic, we used video, and I could see from her responses that she had direct access to my Dexcom records. My last visit, a month ago, was in person with my endo and she had the Dexcom reports printed out, sitting on the tray in front of her.

It can be frustrating at first, but a little patience and a little persistence can pay off…

I think I’m having the mental breakdown no matter what at this point.
I don’t need them. I think they know that. Everything is fine.
But, traditionally the insurer won’t cover the appointment unless there are BG records in the file. The insurer is preventing transferring the records. So, they can go ■■■■ themselves. I just wish I had something in writing. Every time I speak with them, they say something different.

I spent $10 mailing paper copies of the record. I spent $20 faxing the records. I should have kept those receipts. At one point, they asked me to read them the data over the phone. They have the info required to access the records digitally. They don’t want me to drive them in and hand them the records because of covid.

Healthcare is digitally medically negligent. I cannot do anything more to help them. I am but 1 person.

I guess I just need to say ■■■■ you, Insurance company. Funck you for running me around all these weeks for nothing. I hate you and I will never forget your incompetence during this time of crisis. Perhaps I will write an angry editorial titled, “Digital Medical Negligence.” I will get you if its the last thing I do. God help you if I testify in front of the legislature next year. Karma is coming.

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Sometimes the police and firefighters hold boxing matches where they pound the ■■■■ out of one another in the ring.

Maybe when covid is over, we gotta do something like that - where diabetics get to pound the ■■■■ out of insurers and PBM’s. We will have the event benefit Children’s Cancer Research or something that makes them look like real ■■■ holes if they don’t show up, It will have to be in MN because all the insurers and PBMs live here.

Which ones of you can box?


How big is the endo’s office staff?

Prior to being on a CGM, I did bring in my own paper printouts of bg fingerstick data and the doc did look them over and discussed. But no digital archive for them. And in fact no way to upload them to the patient portal (I asked several time).

The office staff used (in the office) the same brand and model of bg meter that I used. They had no way of electronically downloading the data from that.

My current endo’s very large (and largely diabetes-tech-savvy) office staff did not even have a standard bg log paper form for T1’s. (They did for T2’s which only asks for like 3 sticks a day). Not that I’m a big fan of paper log forms.

In my very large metropolitan area there are (by my count) only 3 very large practices that deal with electronic data transfer from CGM’s. Now my CGM data is auto-transferred via Clarity.

By the way, I want to add, that all of my docs Patient Portals SUCK ROCKS for any kind of numerical data transfer.

They send me a link to my labs and I can go view it through the patient portal. I can print out my labs but they come out with ONE USEFUL NUMBER per page of printout. I will see if I can attach an example. If I print it out on my B&W printer, the one useful number (in red on my screen) comes out in tiny type in light grey and is barely readable by any of my other doctors.


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No, this is better - send them to the island

Yes, Tim12, this is sorta fundamentally the issue - I have fully explored the portal. I can download data, but not upload data. The only opportunity for upload is if you do into the dermatology section and pretend that your uploading jpg’s of some teenage acne. That is how I sent the records today. (I had to sign something agreeing to pay some undisclosed amount in order to upload).

I am doing all my own care. What the ■■■■ am I going to download from them? What thing of importance could they possibly have to say?

These are the beautiful records that I prepared for them. They accessed nothing - not Tidepool, not the paper copies, nothing.

You see, THEY make me a disabled person because of their own inability to do anything. It has nothing to do with me. It doesn’t have anything to do with diabetes.

I am disabled because of the time and resources that it takes me to accommodate them.

They wouldn’t survive as me for 1 day, Tony.

I would tear their skin from their bodies with my teeth and eat their eyeballs like marshmallows as a topping for my sugar free Jello were I on that island with them for 5 min.

Maybe we should find out where they drink on the weekends and just start showing up there. Nothing will ever get fixed. I’m taking names. They have created a monster.


Face it, Mohe. ALL THE PATIENT PORTALS SUCK. In very similar ways.

You have to talk to the doc. The doc may be able to hook up with Clarity or Tidepool. But the doc will probably decide whether or not you’re safe to drive based on how you answer questions. Docs have had to do this for the DMV for many decades, way before home bg tests and recently CGM’s.


Why in the hell would you want to send bg data to your provider?


If anybody tries to do anything bad to me for non-submission of BG record, I have already contacted the highest level of government to complain first. Documentation is everywhere. Come and get me, you sons of bitches. I’ll be waiting right here. You have created the monster that I have become.

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