Nutri System & Weight Loss

I posted this in another group, but wanted to post it here as well. Has anyone tried Nutri System? If so, how did it work out for you? How long were you on the program before you started noticing weight loss? Did you use the regular program or the “D” program?

I haven’t tried it, but I am not sure if I trust it, and here’s my own personal take on it:

  • A lot of these programs rely heavily on processed foods which contain more sugar, fat, and salt than any food we can prepare at home, and this is done to preserve and improve taste, and because they are highly processed, they contain a higher glycemic load.
  • Recent studies have shown that processed foods contain 20%-30% more calories than the so called labels claimed. (Even such foods as Lean Cusine, Weight Watchers, South Beach Living, Healthy Choice, etc.), because they only test ONE meal out of all those meals they manufacture.
  • On their tv ads, they claim they can help people starting their program to reduce their A1C by 0.6%. That's not nearly enough for most people; most people at diagnosis, are somewhere at around +8%, and need to lose a lot more than just 0.6%.
  • They rely on the glycemic index, which is not the most accurate tool to calculate how much glucose a food is going to dump in your body, i.e., a portion of watermelon has a HUGE glycemic index, but it has a very, very low glycemic load. Glycemic Load (not index), along with portion control of carbohydrates, is by far, the best way of dieting to control Diabetes.
  • Anyone can do this at home, without having to pay someone hundreds of dollars to send you frozen, highly processed, food... You can learn more about glycemic load at, and at has an EXTENSIVE list of foods, including popular restaurant foods, and store brand foods, analyzed for glycemic load and other nutrient data, plus you can enter your OWN foods, or recipes, and analyze those for glycemic load.

These are just my 2 and a ½ cents… lol :slight_smile: but in the end, any effort to help lose weight, and control carb intake, is better than no effort.

I tried it for awhile. It is very high sodium and my numbers where higher because as Lizmarie says theirs is on the glycemic index. I needed alot more lower carb. Eating a whole bowel of Chinese noodles? Common

Believe me it gets old after while and it seems to start all tasting the same. Just like lean cuisine. Expensive too. I got tired of the guy walking up the steps at the beach too. Dont they play that ad little to much?

Schwans foods makes a good amount of their dinners so if you have a Schwanns man that comes in your neighborhood you dont have to order it through their website and spend their shipping costs if you are interested.

Yeah, I’ve often thought of using them, before… as they deliver to my next door, elderly neighbor. They have catalogues of extensive choices, especially, things that you can can pop in the oven easy, if you have to work a lot… but since I got Diabetes, that thought faded. Are they better in sodium count?

Thanks guys. I will make sure to check into the nutritiondata website.

Before signing up for any program whether NutriSystem D, Jenny Craig,Lipozene, Weight Watchers, 6 week body makeover, sure to look around on line for independent feedback from customers. Look for specific issues such as customer service feedback, cancellation issues when applicable, product received issues, etc as well. You can usually tell by the way a post is written if it is a legitimate complaint or if it is just someone who is upset and has a grudge but is not really being objective. I too had considered NutriSystem D but my research showed the following: too many people complained of problems with cancelling the program permanently and/or suspending the program if going on vacation. b) too many complaints of not receiving the foods they requested and receiving too many of the same food as substitution for out of stock items c) rudeness from the staff when trying to rectify the problems. These complaints came from people all around the US and Canada so I have to give them credence. Just for what it is worth.