Obsorbency issues on changing to a new location

Has anyone had problems with low blood sugars upon changing their infusionset to a new location?I have been on the pump for 1 year and have always used my abdomen.This time I decided to move it to my buttock.I find I have been going low on bolussing on the same amount which worked before.It is so scary as I am trying to avoid all lows.What can I do to avoid this yet use the same location?Would walking affect the muscle and cause it to work faster?I would think yes.Any suggestions?

The same thing happened to me when I’d been on the OmniPod for about six months and switched from my abdomen to my upper arms. It was scary for me, too!

For me, it turned out that I need about 25% less insulin (basal and bolus) when I use my upper arms.

Once in a while, I’ve placed the OmniPod in a “bad” spot on my arm where there’s not enough fat. Then I start going low a lot.

My suggestion is to make sure to avoid muscle tissue and go for the fat. :slight_smile: