Occlusions and errors!

Hi! I’ve been on the Pod for almost a year now, 11 months! Recently, I have been having an INSANE amount of pod occlusions and errors. It seems like I have one once a week, which is a total waste of pods and insulin. I’m getting really frustrated! Does anyone else experience this? What have you done to remedy the problems? Thanks!

P.S. I LOVE life with a pump, especially the OmniPod! :slight_smile:

I have had the OmniPod for 6 weeks and love the idea of no tubing. I have been on pump therapy since '97.

In the six weeks I’ve had the pod I have had 3 occlusions and 3 failures that Insulet said can be replaced.

I am a bit concerned at the high failure rate.,

With regards to the insulin. I extract the insulin and reinject it into the new pod. If I lost 200u * 6 failures, my insulin bill would not be covered by insurance.

Also the cost of pod failures are high as well. ~ 30dollars per failure does not instill much confidence.

I hope they get these problems worked out soon.


Caleb has been Podding for more than 3 years and we rarely have errors and may have had 2 occlusions in all that time. Have you changed any part of your routine?

Recently I was experiencing errors when I filled the Pods and they were priming. Insulet suggested keeping them in the plastic tray to minimize wobble and perhaps it’s coincidence, but we haven’t had another error since (knock wood).

Just call insulet and let them know what is going on…they should be sensitive to the situation. I also have gotten to know my area Insulet Rep and we have established a pretty good relationship, and she will bring me a new pod whenever I am having an unusual bad streak of failures…she also has reimbused me for insulin (she just gave me a fresh bottle after I had wasted 3 pods in a row). I reccomend you start a conversation with your rep/trainer. If you dont already know who it is …just call insulet and tell them you need some training, and need the name and # of the area rep. Ps - I have been a podster since launch (I was one of the pilot testers) and I find that I will have about 1 bad streak of pods every year.

I have been on the Pod since July 15. Everything has been great until this week:

Monday night - new pod around dinner time. While trying to fall asleep, I rolled over onto my side and the pod immediately alarmed / failed. ??? I have slept on the same side where the pod was pretty much every night!

Tuesday around noon - walking down the hall, my hand brushed the pod (now on my thigh). We’re talking a minor bump here, I’ve been much rougher. Immediate alarm that will not stop! I was really upset - I was at school and could not get it to stop! I had a super busy day and this was the last thing I needed.

Just now - delivering 3.25 unit bolus - FAIL. Why? I went to another box of pods for this one, thinking maybe the previous box was cursed or something.

The Tuesday alarm was especially upsetting. If it’s going to fail it at least needs to stop beeping! I am going on the academic job market in a few months. Campus job visits are insane, two days of meetings, interviews, presentations - who is going to hire me if I start making a sound like a fire alarm? I teach two buildings away from my office, if it alarms during class I don’t know what I’ll do, especially if it won’t stop beeping.

Really discouraged right now, I was loving the pod up until this week. :frowning:

LP- Happens to me more than I would care to admit…the pod that wont shut up. I finally (first time it happened) after trying to kill it the insulet way (sticking a paper clip in the tiny hole)(never worked), bashing it with a sledgehammer (truly…didnt work), finally decieded to throw it in the freezer and kill it that way (slowly, and cruelly)(hey, it has no respect for me) and that is now my preferred solution. Into the freezer it goes, and, it will eventually die. I know it will eventually come back to life after I have sent it off back to Insulet, but then its their problem!

Any pods that have failed Omnipod has replaced for my son… are you calling everyone in?? They have been awesome for us. I do think…for some reason… the begining is the hardest… things have “settled” down now for my son… he has been on it since April 20th.

They say it is also important to fill the pod slowly… when my son pushes it in there fast… it squirts some out the other side…

Sure site windows?? like a patch thing?? Have you tired skintac? So far it has been good for my son.

My son… had one that wouldn’t shut up… and w/ out telling me he threw it into our pond… but instead of sinking to the bottom…it landed in the brush on the side and …went bzzzzzzzzzz for almost 3 days. Wonder if the neighbors thought it was a really tough mosquito!!! I told him never to do this again… that is medical waste!

Oh! We’ve never had that happen. I guess we do it slowly without even realizing.

Tell your neighbors it was the “Loch-ness” of Mosquitoes! You can start an urban legend that will live for centuries! And only YOU have ever seen this magnificent creature!