Pod failures

I have been using the omni pod insulin pump by insulet for the last 1.5 yrs. I have a 50-70% failure rate with my pods, ranging from occlusions ( most common) to an assortment of other errors. I am curious if anyone else has had the same problems and what fixed it. Also since the last round of 3 consecutive errors/failures I have taken a “break” from the pump & my sugars have actually improved.

Hi Daniel,

My failure rate was only that high for one box of pods which I think was some sort of manufacturing error BUT they were all failing due to occlusions and when I stopped using the “pinch up” method during insertion the last three pods in the box were all fine so it MAY have been some user error. In my last 4 months of pod use I’ve had three or four “pod errors” and one pod that just never activated when I filled it with insulin. So my rate isn’t as high as yours but I’d say I’ve probably got about a 25% - 30% pod failure rate. I love the freedom from shots and the ability to give myself small doses as needed though and think that despite its problems Omnipod really is the best treatment out there!

We rarely have pod errors.

I have had no occlusions, but have had the cannula slip out a few times…I now use Skin Tac (Sure Tac?) and have not had my pod slip off that way. The only thoughts I have about your situations, Daniel, is that perhaps you are not getting the air out of the insulin in the syringe before you insert it into the pod and to ask how long you have had diabetes? Maybe you have many sites that are not viable due to years of injections? If your #'s are better maybe your bod likes a longer needle?

Remember that occlusions happens with every pump. Just try to put the pod were you have more fatty tissue to prevent this. I started my Omnipod on the 21 of April 2009, so far this has been mt only failure. That failure was on the back of my arm, the next time I just put it o bit higher from were I got the occlusion and everything went fine. Just call Omnipod customer service quickly I get them to replace all of the damage pods. The system is excellent and as stated before the freedom is unique.

I have had minimal failures with my almost year of podding.

I have very few failures. I think 4 out of the past shippment of 30 pods. Three of those were occlusions from me experimenting with differeent spots on my thigh. I don’t have enough fat there. Enough fat everywhere elso though.

I have been podding since jan of 08 and have had a total of 12 failures a few my fault from placement or knocking them off the rest failures that have been replaced by the company. that is less than i had with my other pump.

I have had about an average of 2 failures per box of Pods, mostly from occlusions. My doctor switched me from Humalog to Apredia, and it seems to have helped. Whenever I get a Pod “error”, I get a replacement Pod from Insulet.

Kudos to Insulet for being so customer oriented; I get a replacement for the “error” Pods within a couple of business days.

Aren’t they about $36???

I have been on it about 36 days…I have 4 failures total. I change my every 2 days so based upon that my failure rate is 5%.

W0w I have had only 3 pod failures out of 30+ pods and once I believe it was from were I put it but cant be sure. Were are you receiving high failure rates Placement? Bad insertion? Pod Falling or being knocked off? have you notcied more failure when the pod is placed sideways or upright or …?