October is Poetry Month on TuDiabetes!

Sometimes my heart is filled with love.
Sometimes my heart is filled with joy.
Sometimes my heart is filled with wonderment.
Sometimes my heart is filled with awe.
Other times my heart is filled with empathy.
Other times my heart is filled with injustice.
Other times my heart is filled with tears.
But most of the time my heart is filled with HOPE.


Nice, Stoner. You have just captured Life, The Universe and Everything in a very most excellent way!..Thanks and blessings…Judith

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Does it have to be about diabetes?

Not necessarily! Please share, @Lovin_life!

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Dedicated to my family and friends. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without all of you in my life.

And generosity-
When planted in the rich soil
Of your heart
Will blossom forth into
Beautiful bonds.


In your own potential,
In the goodness of others,
In the power you have as one person
To make a difference,
In new beginnings, new paths, and new goals,
In the opportunities that each day holds,
In your own life!


My life in Theater was always lived with a sense of urgency; from the time I was about 7 until fibromyalgia caused not just a slow down at 46, but an abrupt and disorienting Halt. I created new reasons for urgency because I didn’t know how to live life without that defining feeling at my core. I discovered a brand new sense of urgency when I was diagnosed with T2 a decade later. It is my own variation on OCD, I think…In recent years, because an artist’s life has to be an Examined life, I have been working on ways out of this trap. The books and online teachings of the great American Buddhist nun, Pema Chodron have been a boon. As have been the writings of some of our Senior DOC members. As has been my writing, like some kind of exorcism…

Time Keeps on Slippin’

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future.

So. How’s it going? How was your day?
Honey, I’m home.
Busy. Busy. Busybusybusy. Oh Yah.
No time. Borrowed time. Time to go.
Time passed.
Yet the time has come.
Prime time.
And what a time!
Time to eat.
Time to sleep.
Time to pray.
Time to clean that gun……
Time out
Time heals
But time’s up…

So. What did you do today?
Had yourself a busy day?
Had yourself a fast day.
No time, gotta run.
Gotta runrunrun…

Run for the border. Run to the store.
Run into friends and run til you’re sore.
Run round and round. Run to and fro.
Run out of breath and run til you glow.
Run about run about run about and shout.
Careful not to notice time’s running out.
Oh yaah…

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’


I stick and stick til I am sick.
Only to ruin another strip!
Why must diabetes be like this?
I can’t help but be a little pssd.

Oh well! It will be better next time.
Oh wait! I’m shaky! Is this a sign?
Then I stick my finger once again.
Are those numbers reading forty-seven?

A pack of Skittles gets me by.
In fifteen minutes I want to cry.
I stick and stick to get that drop.
I know this process will never stop.

Forget the sticks, can I just take the shots?
My fingers are sore and throb a lot.
Just found out my strips are expired!
I want a vacation because I’m tired.


This piece really spoke to me, @Judith_in_Portland. Thank you so much!

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Inspired by @Judith_in_Portland’s piece, Time Keeps on Slippin’

Honey how was your day?
I started out low, so I was late to the gym
But I overtreated, so then I was high and couldn’t work out, anyway

Then it was good for a while

Until my second meeting when I shot up again
and I couldn’t focus my eyes
And then it tanked after work so I couldn’t go grocery shopping
as planned

So we’re having take-out.

But honey, how was your DAY?
Oh! It was fine.

       I wrote this in September 2013. It's called 
                             invincible noose 

You weigh me down,making the knot tighter. Noone else can see it or feel it. I try to fight it but it gets tighter. I try to scream for help but nobody can hear me. I am pulling at it with all my strength but I can’t get hold of it.
Who ordered it?Why me?when will it come off?

Somebody help me, I am not meant to be here! What have I done to deserve it. The knot is destroying the joy and happiness in my life.

A little bit of support but it has its own limits. The death sentence could come at anytime.

People around me are oblivious. Don’t they care? Some say does it hurt? Others compare me to the ones before me and the rest just stare in shock or amazement,can’t decided.

I can’t breath,my body hurts from my head to my toes. I pray no-one else goes through it in the future.
I have it! Its not invincible, I deal with it 24.7. Wishing for someone to loosen this noose from my already damaged neck.

The executioner is neither a friend or foe,it goes by the name of type 1 diabetes.


Blessings, Osob…I have always found your writing moving…Thank you…

Wow - Everybody is so deeeep, and the poetry so poignant. Well, then there’s me and I’m more in to never growing up, so I put a few randomly sorted bon mots together copying both Shakespeare and the Limerick style, if you can imagine the two styles together! (Sorry Bill).

I hope these three verses make someone smile… or worses.
See? I rhymes good!

With Apologies to Romeo…
Hark! What number through yonder display breaks!
Be it 2 (mmol/L) or 50 (mg/dL) and I be low,
Needing sweets to make a go -
Yet 10 (mmol/L) to 200 (mg/dL) makes me high,
And I must run to break the tide.

Hypo! Hyper! Wherefore art thou sweet balance?
Deny thy lows and refuse thy shots -
Or, if thou wilt not be balanced, dear blood
Then my fingertips shall forever bear spots!

Remembering our “Creator”

There once was a leader named Manny -
His way with tuD folk was uncanny.
He could win all our hearts
With his genuine smarts …
One can never have too many Manny’s!

Remembering our “Healer”

There once was a medic named Banting -
His patients were sick and demanding.
He felt the allure
To fashion a cure
Without which we’d all be fermenting!

Hoping there’s a “Silly” Section in the next ‘No Sugar Added’ edition.
~ b


@Bikette I can’t tell you how nice it is to see you! your peom just put a huge smile on my face. thank you thank you thank you


Awr, shucks, Marie… I’m really happy to see some of the ‘old’ farts from 3+ years ago STILL hanging around the ole tuD waterbottle. BTW - methinks your avatar needs attention… although I’ve learned to appreciate those little X boxes lately.
I’m still wandering around the new site looking for familiar places and people, but so far I haven’t found a place where “members” are listed to other members. I was kinda hoping to browse through the 30 grand or so membership (might take a minute) and see if any other familiar nicks are still around. Is there a trick to this?


Oops, I probably should have ‘messaged’ the above as it is WAY off the poetry topic… unless I can make old farts and waterbottles rhyme somehow! :wink:

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pps - found the members list. Didn’t know we had become “Users”.

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we’ll let it slide this time :wink:
but make the next in rhyme
or we’ll put you in the brine
without your favorite wine

& please let me know if you’re looking for anybody in particular or any thing else. I know how to find things here (anyone see my glasses???)


Bikette, I love the humour, seems to lighten the load!


Aww thank you that means a lot, I haven’t really wrote anything these days just busy with the girls but I think it’s about time I did.

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