Arts and Poetry Project

@cynthia_rogers. @EmilyC began an Arts and Poetry project just before she left. The Project was for TuD members to create new material for a book for TuD to publish. There are some links, one is below:

I don’t know if you are interested in proceeding with this project, but I would love to see it go forward. I Think it is fun to have tangible evidence of the things we do, a book to hold in our hands and to give as gifts. I’d suggest adding some of our wonderful, beloved, insightful blogs that go back well before we transferred to a new platform.

I cannot offer to be help in such a project as I was hit with a triple whammy in June: I was hospitalized for 15 days with DKA and emergency belly surgery, and while in the hospital developed A-Fib. I will be recovering at home this summer, followed be focusing on maintaining my health. I wish you and TuD the best of luck, and thank you, TuDiabetes, for being here. Trudy

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So sorry you went through that Trudy, I hope you are starting to recover a bit.

thanks Trudy - my husband went A-fib after DVT and we went thru the whole range of treatments, including several cardioversions and the very expensive oral medications - until he had his second maze procedure at Brigham and Women’s in Boston. - now off all med’s except low dose asprin for three years. Doctor at B & W was the guy who trains other Doc’s, and the overnight stay was great - private rooms (and bathrooms) in the cardio wing and you could choose your own menu and time for meals. The staff encourages family to stay overnight with the patient so no hotel charges. Best of luck with your treatments!

Thanks, meee. I am recovering well, although I must say that this is kind of a boring way to spend my summer! Lots of Kindle reading.

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Hi Bowie. I saw my primary doctor yesterday and he was quite hopeful and encouraging. Since the A-Fib was triggered by my surgery, the hope is that I will be over it in, say, eight weeks or so. In the meantime, I have a rather boring Coumadin high-protein diet, considering I’m also gluten free and lactose intolerant. Still, some summer berries and other good farmer’s market stuff. The folks at my hospital were super nice and attentive, and I have some good memories.

Coumadin regimen was not too bad - many lab visits for adjustments tho…you should be used to that with the D :slight_smile: My husband was very cold and did bruise very easily during that treatment. There were other meds used to try to cardiovert him that had a lot of side effects. One med said he might grow breasts - he couldn’t get off that med fast enough! Let us know how you are doing - this is also a process (sigh).

an ongoing process indeed. I hope your husband is well now. I will keep in contact.
and Hey, I’d love to see the Arts and Poetry Project go forward!

I’m glad you’re feeling better, I guess reading is good though, one of my fav things to do is read online although I never use the samsung nook I got when my laptop went in for repair. For some reason I prefer the laptop or traditional books If I’m reading a book.

Trudy, please add me to the list of folks wishing you a speedy recovery!

Thank you so much, @rgcainmd. I appreciate it. .

Oh my goodness Trudy!! I’m so sorry…I had no idea. Keeping you in prayer.
Love and a huge basket of hugs!! Please keep us posted.

Thank you, @Linda_G. There is lots of healing time and Physical Therapy in my immediate future, but I’m hoping for a normal autumn.

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Will pray tonight for a speedy recovery! :hibiscus:

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