January art project: Valentine's Day cards

January’s art project is to create diabetes-themed Valentine’s Day cards! Write a poem. Draw a picture. Take a photograph… Every February we are inundated with boxes of chocolate, heart-shaped lollipops, syrupy sweet analogies about love and friendship. What would your ideal Valentine’s Day card look like or say?

One of the things about TuDiabetes that has historically made it a truly unique place within the Diabetes Online Community was our focus on artistic expression. Over the years we as a community have done a number of beautifully creative projects aimed at encouraging people to use artistic expression as a way to tell our stories, connect to one another, comfort and inspire each other, educate others about what it feels like to have diabetes, and more.

In the last couple years those artistic projects have largely fallen by the wayside in favor of other endeavors, but we’re bringing them back! Since September of 2015 we have had monthly artistic projects for members to participate in. Later in 2016 we plan to select artistic pieces from community members to publish in a Diabetes Community Expression book which will be sold through the DHF online store! Some of our old-timers may recall that we published a book called No Sugar Added Poetry™ in this way, years ago, which is absolutely beautiful and which is still in demand today!

You can still add to previous months’ collections, here:
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To My Valentine

Two and sixty years
together, my love.

Our honeymoon was hiking and biking
and cold mist on our faces
as we rode Northwestern ferries.

We’ve lived between the Seas,
from Mt. Tahoma to the Adirondacks,
now near Erie’s green and sandy shores.

We are forever surrounded by life:
our children and their children
have made this weird world their own.

Through the years: surrounded
by smiling dogs, home-loving cats,
trees and birds and hiding Wild Things.

We each live with our lurking health demons,
both of us living with my Diabetes.
“For better or for worse”…

Two and sixty years
and counting, my love.

by Trudy


Sigh, so beautiful, Trudy.


Thank you, Maureen.

I’m going to bump up this discussion. Come on, make a valentine! It could be useful come February 14.

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When I was a kid I LOVED making Valentine cards for all my friends, using heart-shaped paper doilies and magic markers. Maybe I’ll get to my local craft store and get some of those…

Those really popular new coloring books for adults (sounds racier than it is) could make for some lovely Valentine art work, as well! I think they’re mostly intended as stress-management (a form of active meditation,?) but a lot of them are beautiful! Maybe I’ll try that.


I have a couple of those coloring books…they definitely help reduce my stress level. Plus, it doesn’t get much more fun than coloring!

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i going try to make one on Photoshop.


happy valentines day in advance

here my card took a hour to set them all up.


Nicely done, Eric - creative and functional !!:smile:

Eric, were you careful with the hot glue gun? :wink:

careful no i think i Burn myself about 3 times with it.

What a great beautiful poem!

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Thank you so much, Diana!


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Great card. eagerly waiting from now.

Amazing . I will use some cards on Valentines day 2017.