Oh my

So I was just wondering if anyone else can relate to this situation...
Earlier today I was getting a low BG (it was at about 70) and for some odd reason I got soooo angry! I ate my 15 grams of carbs, but still felt weak and shaky so I overreacted completely!
I went to McDonalds and ate 4 sausage biscuits, 2 apple pies, and a diet coke. All with no insulin to help ease the blow I'd get hit with about 10 minutes later.
But has anyone else gotten so mad that they did this or something like this? I guess I figured since I'd lived for who knows how long with high BGs and they never bothered me that bad I thought I could do it again. But after a short amount of time I got a raging headache, tummyache, nausea, dizziness, shakiness, etc.. So I'm hoping I won't ever overreact to it again! Ugh!

I can relate. In July I'm going on 20 years with this pain in the backside to live with. It's okay to get mad once in a while, you have the right to. Though often anger will be my only sign of a low, if I'm lucky to have any symptoms anymore. Nobody's perfect, and sh!t happens. Just have to remember the consequences so you don't do it every time, it can be a hard habit to break if you get stuck in the rut and do it every time. As a teen I'd do it with a huge bowl of cereal, then feel like death warmed over - I avoid cereal now, can't stand the thought of it now... nor orange juice and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Urgh! Even the thought of them turns my stomach.

Sometimes even without overreacting you can have a low hangover. I use to find N had the worst hangover effect if it caused a low back in the day. Novolog for me has a worse hangover effect than Apidra now, too.

If i am low, i usually over treat, bc eating eases the horrible feeling somehow, what i do is just bolus for most of the stuff i ate.
so if i ate lets say 60 carbs as a reaction to a hypo, i will bolus for 40-45 carbs and then i am usually fine...
good luck

Been there; done that - I've learned to take just my 15 grams of carbs, relax for an hour and recheck my sugar. That's the hardest thing is the wait because you just want to raise it quicker but this disease is better treated as a marathon and not a sprint!

40 years since diagnosis, and yes, I've done it several times. It's hard when what I call "survival hunger" takes over and you're not thinking clearly.
I used to use twizzlers to treat lows because they worked really well (yay high fructose corn syrup) but once I ate an entire 1 pound bag and in a hour was over 500 and stayed there for several more hours. Now I try to always consistently treat with glucose tabs because I hate the taste and will not over do it.

If I'm at home in reasonable control, I take approx. 15 carbs--the yogurt drink DanActive is my favorite treatment. If I'm about to exercise, I take 25-30 carbs. If I'm crazy hungry, like swisschocolate I bolus for the excess. This whole low thing is a problem, and an all too frequent one.

Oh sure. I've "rebelled" against a low by overwhelming it with way, way too much food. Sometimes your temper just gets the better of you. Welcome to being human, LOL.

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences! This was the first time I ever over reacted about it and I know it probably won't be the last. I think that, like Stress said, I wanted the feeling of having a low was horrible and I just wanted it to go away! It makes me feel weak or like I'm drunk! My head is too big for my body, my tongue feels swollen, I can't stand up straight, etc etc. But I feel much better now :)