Oh yeah!

6.6 Baby!!! :oD Thats the best its been in 21 years!!! I love this pump!

I had the same problem wtith mine for a while, when I fiannally grew tired of it I called Insulet (for about the fifth time on the issue) and they admitted I needed a new one, which they overnighted to me.

I edited my post because after I asked the question I noticed another post with the same question! I think I am just going to call them to see what they say. Thanks for the advice :o) Have a wonderful week!

Had the same problem and came up with a very simple fix. Take a piece of electrical tape, about 2 inches long and fold it over on itself. Then insert it into the back of the PDM between the batteries and the battery door. It holds the batteries firmly in place and I haven’t had the problem in about six months since coming up with this. Cheers!

Good job! Congrats.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love this pump too!!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Nice number! I have got to get better numbers! This is going to sound so dopey, but I am so terrified of hypoglycemia, that I tend to keep my numbers high (high 100’s and low 200’s). I travel alone alot, and really am scared sh*tless (uh, that’s not shirtless by the way) of going low, particularly at night. I’ve been on the pod, got pretty frustrated with it falling off and not adhering and wasting pods and insulin. So now I’m on Levimir and Novolog MDI. I’m going to go back on the pod after reading so many great blogs about it. It’s been awhile since I’ve had it on. - -sigh - -

about a month ago I got my A1c checked, went from 7.5 to 6.8 in TWO MONTHS! (which means I’m even lower!!)

such a good feeling, CONGRATS!

Marizoa -

I shared your paranoia for a very long time, I was a bit of a “road warrior” (traveled alot for business). I fianally deciced it wasnt worth all the paranoia, and I settled on making sure my bg was over 170 when going to bed, and then my first am bg would always be about 100. Then, I found the Dexcom, which would sound an alarm whenever I would go over 200 or below 80 (you can set your own criteria)…and, that made all the difference in the world (when I was travelling, which was weekly, anyway). Then, I retired and felt I had to dump the Dexcom because of accuracy issues, which i havent resoved but my A1C is 6.5 these days so I’m feeling pretty good! Good luck and PEACCE!

I was 6.2 at my last visit :smiley:

That’s the best i’ve EVER been. 13 years with the D, and i’ve FINALLY got it under control :smiley:

Hi Steve, were you on the OmniPod at the time too? (when you were a “high riding” road warrior)?
And my doctor doesn’t want to give me the Dexcom for that exact reason, the accuracy issues. But how far off are they? I see on here so many people that love them and have a great A1C. How has your control been since not using the Dexcom, better, worse, the same? There is a lot of controversy it seems in using any CGM, but I see more positive than negative, you?

Marizone -

I was not on the POD when I was a travelling salesman. ACtually, I did get my A1C down to 5.8, but that was first on the Pod, not on the dex. When I was on the dex, my readings were sometimes as much as 100 points off, which I found to be unacceptable. The thing the dex did for me was put my mind at ease when I was on the road alone, and it was accurate “enough” to allow for some peace of mind. On the Dex, my A1c’s were no better or worse than on the Pod w/out the dex…so one just needs to take that into consideration. Actually, seeing as you are so active, I think that would actually drive me AWAY from the Dex, to be honest. (Issues: accuracy, safety of the ‘sensor’ area, rapid changes in bg’s). I’m sorry I cant be of more help. Final word, If you can still “feel” when you are going low, the dex can offer some peace of mind on top of that.

I too am terrified of hypoglycemia. I ended up in the ER while on vacation in Orlando with my wife and also alone in Atlanta on business. That time I went face down on the table in a restaurant. My endo says that I am very labile and filled out the paperwork the right way to get me a Dexcom CGM. Like Steve D my Dexcom numbers can be off by a large number. I have my lower limit alarm set to 90 for safety. Sometimes when it goes off I am actually in the 50s, but I am still concious and can treat myself unlike if I were in the 20s or 30s and comatose.

I feel much safer and I have fewer hypo and hyperglycemic events with the combination of my OmniPod pump and my Dexcom CGM. It is not perfect, but my life is better now than it was on MDI with no CGM.

Yes, I can still feel when going low, very lucky there. I absolutely hate “feeding the monster” as somone on here somewhere said. Frustrates the dickens out of me. I have been on the Mini Med Pump or the Omni Pod alternately for over 15 years. Had better control, but honestly after 15 years I became so weary of wires and things attached to me in general. REALLY weary of it. Funny, I was so used to them. But when I did become super active with running and biking, it became more of a hassle than I could bear. I am talking myself into going back on the pod for another go 'round. I so desperately want the MDI to work!!!

Yes, it looks like everyone’s life is better with some sort of pump and CGM. Good idea with the number setting you apply, since the accuracy can be off by so much!

Face down on the table in Atlanta…huh boy, don’t we all have crazy stories like that! I ended up horrifying my poor girlfriend when we had taken a fun road trip down to Graceland. We had such a blast, but then the last night we were there, I ended up going low and convulsing like Linda Blair from the Exorcist in the bed next to hers. She tried to give me a rasberry juice box that I kept with me, which just spashed all over my thrashing body, and ended up calling 911. I didn’t even know about Glucagon Injections at that time. So the paramedics get there and they were such nit wits!!! They were totally inept at getting the dextrose (?) IV in my arm, and tried repeatedly, but ended up gashing my arms with the needle, so there was blood pouring out all over the white sheets and my white night gown. Are you picturing all this? hahaa. Then they asked my girlfriend to help carry me out of the hotel room on the gurney!!! She was just beyond terror and hysterics. Cuz her friend was this convulsing bloody heap and SHE had to help put me in the ambulance!!!

Well, I ended up at Baptist Memorial Hospital where Elvis died. This was not a planned tourist attraction on our list of Things to Do. lol

WOW…good stories Brad & marizona! I have a few just like it that I wont go into here (they are on my site/blog at http://www.supportersofsurvivors.com, plese visit and leave a message! (nothing for sale there I promise. There will be soon fianancial assistance for those who have been hospitalized for traumatic health events and have consequent financial difficulties. I was one 5 years ago, and I am training to be a debt liquidation specialist as we speak.) great stories include a few times where my wife had to call 911 at 3 am and one VERY big 911 incident when I had a brain hemmhorage/stroke.


This makes me very happy. :slight_smile:

ex- Insulet Engineering Team Member

Ex? Why ex?

I just got my A1C for the first 90 days on Omni Pod and I went from 7.5 to 5.4% best that is has ever been. I have always said for me the tubed pumps had too much margin of error for 43 inches of tubing. Best thing I ever did diabetes wise

Did you just get censored?

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