OK people I need some help

I work a swing shift and every one is out of the house but me when I wake up. I need some ideas for breakfest .Iam a type 2 diabetes and iam bad at fixing me something healthy for breakfest. Please give me some Ideas Thanks Pat

eggs are good and quick.

I love eggs too. Omelet filled with cheese, chicken (leftovers) peppers, ham, mushrooms taste great but a bit time consuming to prepare.
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I make a large breakfast casserole in a 9" square pan,count the carbs, cut into 9 pieces and I have breakfast for days. Easy peasy - eggs, meat, cheese, veggies... whatever you like.

Thank you very much

Thank you very much

Breakfast is my favourite diabetic meal time..

Eggs and bacon! Carb free and delicious. Doesn't seem to impact on my blood sugars or my cholesterol.

Eggs Benedict, omelletes, mackerel, salmon or a good old English breakfast are a staple of mine as well.

I make sure I don't use oil or butter, I grill everything and I am quite active so it doesn't seem to impact on my weight health too much.

I do tend to alternate days though, branflakes although boring seem to have minimal impact on my BS as well.

I love traditional scottish porridge oats with fruit, nuts and a bit of yoghurt, milk but I couldn't bolus for them correctly. It was always slow release and almost 100% carbs, so the novorapid would kick in too soon and I would always go low. If I gave the novorapid later I would always go high. So I knocked that breakfast on the head ha!

Begin here: Breakfasts

Or, if you are really in a hurry, here: Breakfast On The Run

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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very quick meal is a shrimp omlete

I agree on eggs. I was always a big egg fan anyway and eat Egg Beaters as they are easier to deal with in the AM. Recently, I had a whiff of elevated "bad" cholesterol (110!) and the doc said "If it doesn't come down or goes up more, we'd probably put you on something".

At that time (August) I was eating a lot of ham and cheese omlettes. I also replaced pretzels (not a ton, like 4 or 5 little ones to nudge BG the right direction...) w/ broccoli and carrots. In September, right afterI started that, I had one of my best races of all time, PR 1/2 marathon and then ran 20 miles pretty quick the next Saturday and felt great so I kept it up w/ the veggies. I had my labs again recently and "bad" cholesterol was down to 86!

I eat a dozen whole eggs a week. My LDL is higher than my doc likes ( well over 110 :) ) but my HDL and trigs are fine so I do not care.

You might find this interesting: Eggs, Carbs and Cholesterol

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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Thanks for the link! It's mostly that I eat early on and prefer dumping the stuff out of the box to busting the eggs and shells and mess from that? I eat the real thing on the weekend a lot, when I am not like 5-4-3-2-1 blast off. It's no shaving season now though so maybe I'll toss some in every once in a while?

0 carbs... Egg and Sausage Patty, nuke it for 1 min.
Eat as many as those you want..
and no such thing as "healthy foods" anymore , it;s a Myth..
Espeically if your a Diabetic.. It's all about controlling the BG's
You can eat "healthy" foods and have alot of Carbs and High BG's..
The Medertrainien Diet is pretty good..

Biggest prolem is the Women.. They aren't satisfied with eating the same things, day in and day out and week in , wk out, etc.. always have to Try different things, Etc.. This puts D's out of control, since they don't know how they will react to them, Until After eating them.. So your always in a Flux..Never in decent control

No shaving season? Are you a nautical type? :)

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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I had to read that twice. After realising you weren't a cannibal commenting on problems with low-carb women I reckon you better start ducking, mate. Some of the people from the distaff side around here may disagree strongly with you.

As a mere male I disagree too. I like some variety in my menu to keep life interesting and enjoyable. I'm not "satisfied with eating the same things, day in and day out and week in , wk out, etc" myself.

Trying different things is no problem as long as you do a little extra testing to discover the appropriate timing and portion sizes.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter.

You beat me to it Alan ;) Guess I'm one of those 'problem women'. I also have more than decent control. I will say no more, you're safe this time Dennis!

OMG!!! While I regularly extol the useful data obtained from regularly eating in a boring and allegely male manner, you should be sent to the penalty box and tarred and feathered for the sexist comment. Or maybe sent to Afghanistan? Do you have any links to studies proving your theories on women? I don't believe that's remotely true. HUMANS like variety in their diets, likely dating back to paleolithic scarcity and our propensity for being omnivores. Not anything to do with chromosomes.

Im trying so so hard to contain myself..but this is so dang hilarious! Love your wits acidrock! I guess just like jrtpup...Im also one of those "problem women" :)

Problem PEOPLE!!

Give me a boring LC diet and I'll pig out on carbs ;)) Can I? Can I? HUH???