Favorite Diabetic Breakfast

What are your favorite diabetic friendly breakfast ideas?
I am running out of ideas....

2 eggs /piece of toast
egg salad on a piece of toast
yogurt and canned measured fruit w/ nuts
chicken salad
all ideas welcome .... nothing considered strange!

I've just discovered Greek yougurt (high in protien)...yummy...In a bowl I take half a cup of that... add in half a grapefruit a dash of cinnamon and a quarter cup crushed almonds 35 - 40 carbs...fantastic!!

I make my own greek style yogurt from half cream, half whole milk. I ferment it completely, leaving a very low carb, tart and thick yogurt. Despite that, I usually don't eat yogurt for breakfast, instead eating it as a "dessert." My go-to breakfast is instead a cheese omelet and sometimes a side of sausage.

Oh man, this is making me hungry.

2% or 4% cottage cheese over fruit, with cinnamon on top.
Steel cut oatmeal with dried fruit cooked in.
Sharp cheddar cheese and an apple.

PBS on fiber one bread
Oatmeal, yes I love it with nuts
Sometimes add an egg

I make a frittata, eat a portion and freeze the rest. Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Frittata is a handy user up of left overs or you can search the net for a recipe you can handle.

i like oatmeal with milk & half a small orange & egg or peanut butter
OR english muffin w. smuckers all fruit jelly & some protein like egg or peanut butter or cottage cheese

8 to 10 carbs' worth of veggies, plus one of the following proteins:

Omelette w/ sharp cheddar cheese, spanish chorizo, and cayenne
Fried ham steak
Any one of several kinds of sausage, chorizo, kielbasa, etc.
Eggs sunny side up or scrambled with salmon, either fresh or smoked
chicken or fish, perhaps with cajun spices or buffalo sauce

. . . . and of course, coffee.

hummus with fresh veggies
english muffin with peanut butter
fruit cup

I usually like Cheerios or small scoop of oatmeal. Yogurt with flax or a little cheerios or appropriate cereal for crunch. Omlets are my big go to -- you can do lots of variations from adding lean meats to veggies to cheese into them.
!/2 an apple with all kinds of things -- cream cheese, hummus, peanut butter.

Good Luck!