A Hearty Breakfast

So this summer I haven’t been eating breakfast regularly-
whether it be because i slept in or i just skip it.
when i was having breakfast all time time-
it was something pretty pathetic.
maybe like one eggo or an apple or one piece of toast (no butter).
my after breakfast levels were always reeally high.

i was wondering what some other diabetics eat for breakfast.
i know breakfast is the most important meal of the day-
in my household a good hearty breakfast is…
rice, fish, filipino sausages and eggs

just looking for other good healthy ideas for breakfast!

Oooooh, I miss Filipino sausages!!!

Try some bell pepper, mushroom, low fat cheese omelet. Or some blueberry smoothie with toasted cheese sandwich. Or oatmeal with fruits?

I don’t have any suggestions for a hearty breakfast because I’m like you, I’d rather have 10 or 15 more minutes to sleep, besides, I just don’t like breakfast food. However, when you’re in a hurry and there’s no time for that hearty breakfast, I have a Glucerna Shake and a piece of fruit. I love the shakes because they’re easy, taste good and the best part is, they tout that they don’t raise you’re bs levels and, for me, they don’t.

When I want something hearty it is oatmeal for me. Like mom used to say “it sticks to the ribs”. It works well because I am not hungry until noon. Otherwise if I don’t eat I am hungry all day, even after I eat lunch. 2 minutes to make and a couple to eat.

3 egg omelet with lots of veggies. A small serving of Kellogg’s Special K High Protein cereal with milk (20 carbs total). With so much protein in my meal I do a square wave bolus and it usually works well.

I heard a nutritionist on the news a while back speaking about what she called “The Sumo Wrestler Diet”. According to her, sumo athletes do not eat breakfast. They wait until later in the day to eat, and then they eat too much. Skipping breakfast helps slow down metabolism so that it’s easier to gain the weight. I remember that every time I consider skipping breakfast now, lol!

I usually eat All Bran with berries or sliced fruit and skim milk, and a small cappachino during the week. On weekends, I’ll have either an omelette (1 egg + egg whites) with lots of veggies and some low-fat cheese, or pancakes/waffles with sugar-free syrup or low-fat yogurt and fruit, or yogurt & granola parfait or a big platter of sliced fruits with toast.

A two egg omelette with cheese (either real eggs or egg whites from a carton)
3-4 strips of bacon
1 slice of wheat toast OR one piece of fruit
Total Carbs = 15 g.


One bowl of Quaker oatmeal from 3/4 cup dry oatmeal/1.5 cups water. Sweeten with Spenda and vanilla soy milk.
Total Carbs = 40g


Coffee. It’s not breakfast without the coffee.


I just read this wonderful post by Jim Huck, Beautiful Brunch, it looks juts perfect. I know that when Manuel has a breakfast well balanced high protein, good carbs, his levels are perfect.

Cereal never works for him, not even measuring everything and compensating right. :frowning:

Like the others, I eat a lot of eggs. Fried, scrambled, omlette, … and usually 1 piece of toast (16g).

Sometimes I skip the eggs and have two pieces of toast (32g) either with salami or cinnamon splenda and a lot of butter.

If I’m not hungry, I have a plain yogurt with flaxseed meal with dried blueberries (from Trader Joes) or a plain yogurt with cocoa and splenda.

I’m also known to eat “lunch” food for breakfast. I have had a chicken breast and salad for breakfast before too. :slight_smile:

boiled eggs and wheat free Ezekiel bread, keeps my bs perfecto in the mornings no joke

I usually have porridge (or Oatmeal) with raisins. Its fast to cook, which is good because I hate waking up too much before I really NEED to!
Like most others I see here, I love a good omlette with some peppers and greens in it, over toast. I have that more on days I am not working or going to uni.