Breakfast ideas

Good morning all,

I am newly diagnosed as diabetes. Use to go to WW and now returning and don't know if it will work or not.

I am in desperate need of help to figure out what to do about my breakfast.

I am an early riser and out the door kind of person. I don't have time to fix the proper breakfast. At work, I do have access to microwaves and a full cafe.

I need to sign up to go to the nutritionalist, but the times are not convenient for my work schedule. So, I am doing my own research and learning. (I did have gestational diabetes about 16 years ago, so I not totally going into this blind, but I have slept a day or two since then.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(I am so happy I found this place.)


Make ahead breakfast sandwiches. Make 5 egg sandwiches Sunday. Wrap in plastic wrap & stick in the freezer. Than just pop it in the micro when you get to work. Check out this blog.

HI Alicia,

I’m a type 1 and have also done WW for a while. here are a few of my low point and low carb go-to breakfasts:

  • egg beaters + 1 slice laughing cow light chees + any veggies i have in a little bowl in he microwave for 1 minute.
    Then i put that on a light english muffin. Great fast egg sandwich (3pts) or add turkey bacon for 4pts
    (check out hungry - great recipes like WW - she calls these egg mugs minus the eng muffin)

  • 1/2c. greek yogurt with sliced fruit - 2pts

  • sandwich thins or bagel thins - just 1 pt (Arnold and a few other companies make them - in the bread aisle) plus some light cream cheese and a slice of ham/turkey/smoked salmon) - 2-3 pts

  • 2 frozen waffles with berries - 3pts

  • make ahead muffins - i freeze these and then just microwave on my way out (or at work) - lots of recipes on and

hope you like some of these. :slight_smile: heather