Omni pod and Tough mudder

im participating in a an obstacle course in a few weeks. wondering if anybody has any suggestions on what i should do with my pod. any pod useers out there ever done anything like this?

I've got a couple suggestions.

First suggestion, wear it on an arm or leg and wrap it up good. Not too tight, but completely to hold on to it in case of bumps and rubbing. I wrap mine in what I call "sports tape" to hold it on my arm during high activity. It's that soft cloth tape that sticks to itself only (I forget the other names for it.) The water/mud shouldn't hurt it at all, but try to keep the area as clean as possible by wrapping it. Maybe some additional med tape to keep mud out might be a consideration.

Second suggestion, time the run with a nearby pod change. Then take it off while you run the course. Or at least if it falls off it's not a big loss. If you're under good control, having the pod off for about 1 hour won't be noticed at all. I had a pod fall off my abs while doing hard yard work on a very hot day, so I just completed the work and about an hour later setup a new pod. Fortunately I was only a few hours away from needing to change the pod anyway so it wasn't a big deal. My BG readings didn't do anything noteworthy either. Probably cause of the hard work I was doing made my BGs a little low anyway. Also, I guess you could talk to your doc about longer periods without the pod if needed by using long acting insulin during that period or other methods of non-pod control.

First, good luck with it! Second, I live in FL and ran the Warrior Dash here back in January. Regardless of the month, it was HOT... Plus, there was tons of mud and water obstacles. I had brought an extra pod just in case.. I was amazed though the pod did not come off! All that sweat, water and crawling through the mud did not dislodge it. It worked just fine afterword. Also, I had it on my abdomen.. I did reduce the basal of course, by about 75%. My BS drops like a stone when I exercise.. lol. I should probably do it more! :) Anyway.. what Scott and Denise said is great advice! Have a great time and enjoy!!

Thanks for the advise guys. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hi Shawn. I wish you well in your endever. I have been preaching the benefits of kinesio tape on this site with little feed back so all I can say is it keeps my pods attached very well. Not cheap but lose a pod and the cost doesn't seem like much. Water proof in fact it gets sticker when wet.I wear them on my arms and have not knocked one off since using it. I buy off the internet. Haven't found any sorce locally, but it is Othello lol. Good luck.

What is your technique for the kinesio tape? Do you just place the piece over the top of the whole pod or do you place it solely on the adhesive portion?

Hi Courtney please look at my page to answer your question. That is what I do day to day and for a more extensive endevore you may want to get creative. Let me know how it works for You. I do put an underlayment of Cavilon to keep the pod adheisive at bay. Have fun.

Ditto on the kinesio tape. I use it to keep my pod on during jiujitsu. I see that Michael uses one wide strip taht covers the pod itself. I'm a little more strategic with the tape since it is a bit pricey. I use strips all around the pod, over the adhesive, but with the tape just covering the edge of the pod. Kinesio tape is very sticky and it will come loose from the skin way before it peels away from the pod.

For extra sticking power and reinforcement for those particularly tough spots to secure during particularly rough training sessions, I've recently started glueing down the adhesive tape with Matisol and covering the Kinesio strips with Opsite, then I'll cover the whle site with some type of bandage. The site is practically bulletproof at that point and I have yet to lose a pod during training using that many levels of reinforcement.

You should get tegaderm (or whatever your favorite tape like substance is). They make a 4 x 4 sheet that covers the whole pod. It has successfully protected my son's pod when I put it on his tush (I will leave to your imagination what it protected it from).