Help with omnipod plus sports!

I recently got the omnipod and I haven't played any softball games or hardcore practices in it yet. When i play i am always diving and sliding in every chance possible. This is my first season being a diabetic which makes me pretty nervous, so if anyone is out there to help, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks! :)

I have been pumping since 1997. When I had the Omnipod, I would try to wear it so it was covered by clothing, since I also did not want it to move while I was doing anything. I used it when I would motocross and placed it on my abdomen since my clothing covered it. It did not come off. Sometimes I would put an IV 3000 tape over it, just in case. I really liked it on my arm, but did not use it there when I was on the bike. Now that I am back to a Medtronic I just put it in my sports bra when I run, bike, or motocross. That is how I raced also. I encourage you to enjoy softball as much as possible. Every time I go out there, having had Diabetes for 50 years, I love the feeling I get from whatever sport I am doing. It is almost as if we are saying, I can do this, even though the D is in the background. Enjoy. Oh , and calibrate the activity with 15 grams of carb for every hour of intense activity, if needed. I have tried every combination imaginable, and have lowered my basal to .50 per hour for exercise. But that is totally individual, so see what your Endo says.

I have a MM pump/cgm as well. The first long race I did (well, second, b/c I ran a practice one first!), the IV3000 loosened about 3 miles into it and the sensor yanked out. Some people on another message board recommended this stuff: that does a really good job of sticking it in place although, if you have a hairy abdomen, it can be rather sticky!

It also comes on a roll so you can get as much or as little as you need and might be strong enough to hold an omnipod on? I think they stick pretty well but I don't know what would happen if it got popped by a swiping tag or a fast pitch?

One other suggestion might be to target a day when the thing is almost out of juice or in need of being replaced and try to do a 'hardcore workout' of stuff like you do @ softball on your own so you can try different spots or drills or methods of sticking it down to see what works best?

I don't think have to worry about the "hairy abdomen" haha

But I have already ripped two off pretty easy on accident sooo I have a feeling i will be going through pods for awhile like crazy.

Thank you and yea I'll try that :)