Omni Pod cost

I just got a call from Insulet telling me the pod will cost $1800 up front and $200 every three months for the pods. Then next year it will be $850 every three months for the pods until I meet my deductible. I actually thought that sounded a little high. I guy on the phone was nice, BUT he was a little pushy…kinda like he REALLY needed a sell. Dear Lord do they make a commission on us?

When I felt pressure, I immediatly told to the guy to stop it as he have a lot of competitor that can sell me something similar. Usually, if the guy is bright, he understand quickly and stop it. If he didn’t catch the message, he will never sells me anything. As a customer, I have a “no pressure policy” :smiley:

I never talk to an omnipod seller as it is not available in Canada, but those from Minimed and Animas in my region are great to talk with. They didn’t do pressure on you and answer your question friendly. That is what I expect from a seller.

I would have them re-run your insurance. I am getting a pump ( the medtronic revel which is over 9,000) and the lady told us th
at we would need to pay 3,000 of it. Luckily my parents kept telling them to re-try the insurance, and I’m glad they did because now we only need to pay 850.