Omniopod frustrations

Hi I have been using the omniopod for 5 months and have had repeated problems. I spend so much time on the phone with abbott, omnipod, and the people they refer me to. I am on the third Pdm in 3 months and I think they are now going to send me a fourth and I have had test strips from Abbott be defective twice. The problem is that I didn’t know the test strips were defective right away and I don’t know when the PdM is defective. They tell me on the phone it can’t be the pdm and the abbott company tells me it is not their strips it is the Pdm. Regardless I often don’t know how to treat my blood sugar. Tonight after reading in th lower range most of the day the omnipod read 50 and I rechecked 2 minutes later and it said 175 and then a minute later 75 and then 57. I did a control solution and it read below the range on the test strip vial. My back up meter with different strips from Abbot read 300, 280 , 260 within a few minutes… I then used the same strips that I was using in the omnipod with control solution and the reading was within the normal range and then I tested my blood using the strips that I used in the omnipod but in the back up meter and it was 257. Omnipod says it can’t be the meter. I had the same thing happen last month with another meter . I was waking up reading 23 28 30 , but the back up meter said 80, 90 etc. I have aso taken my blood with the omnipod and answered no I am not going to eat and just bolus to correct my sugar and have wound up extremely low within 45 minutes. I really don’t know what to do with this system. Does anyone use a reliable blood sugar moniter that I might buy and try to compare numbers. I am going through many test strips using a back up moniter to compare to omnipod and can’t afford to continue to pay for the extra strips.Anyone else have trouble with their omnipod or the freestyle strips. I would like a refund, but Omnipod tells me no way as I am over my 45 days/

Wow, I am doing research on insulin pumps, i’m not on one yet, I decided to go on the Omnipod, but have heard SOOOOO many people complaining about it that I have changed my mind. In my research I started to talk to pump companies and to pump users. I have heard many, many good things from users of the Medtronic pumps, I also contacted customer service and they were VERY friendly and helpful, they sent me out an info package and I received it the next day, they will even send you out a replacement pump the same day if yours is malfunctioning, and also if you go away on holidays they will send you a loaner pump just in case there is a problem with yours to save you the hassle. It is not wireless though. That is awful that they won’t give you a refund, this is your health they are messing with! If something happens to you would they rather a law suit or simply give you back your money! I cannot believe this! All the companies I have spoken to have a 4 year warranty, not sure if this includes a refund or just replacement. Keep fighting, get the media involved if you have to, don’t let this go, this is YOUR HEALTH!! I am sure you can get a bunch of unhappy customers to fight with you! Good luck, Ihope everything will work out in your favor!

My endo will not work with patients who want an Omnipod. She did for awhile, but said that there were just too many issues with the pods (mostly pod failures) and such. While I know a lot of people like the idea of no tubing, I have to say that the tubing really doesn’t get in the way. And I really like the ability to SEE the insulin going into my body. I love my Minimed Revel pump. Been very happy with it and had no issues to speak of.

You need to demand a refund, because this is far too detrimental to your health. Perhaps you can get your insurance company involved? They paid for the device and if it’s not working, they need to get you switched over to another pump (either a Revel or a Ping). have you contacted them?

Thsnks, I have an appointent with my diabetes educator who ordered this pump and I am bringing the data from the two meters so she can see the difference. I am hoping she can call the insurance company. Today I woke up with bG of over 400. Bloused myself and sugar didn’t go down, kept going up for hours. I had to change the pod because it wasn’t delering insulin. I just put the pod on yesterday. New pod and BG sarting coming down. Pods are 45.00 a piece so more money I am out. My Omniopod built in meter is still reading at least 100 points apart from the back up meter. Thanls I am glad you like your pump.

I’ve been on the omnipod for for over a year. It is amazing. You can shower, swim and do anything with it. The pod failures are few and far between but when they happen insulet replaces them. The meter is within a few points of my one touch meter. I also know other people on this site that love the omnipod. I would never have a pump with tubing. Plus you can put this on your leg, arm, back wherever.

Hi Rich,
I do like the no tubing part. However, I have been told not to use the PDM and use the back up meter only, until I meet with someone from omnipod. Just took my blood on the PDM before the phone call from representative and it was 85 and 220 on the back up meter. One minute later on the PDM it was 267. I had the same problem last month with another PDM , it was reading in the 20’s and back up meter was reading in the 70 and 80’s. I realize people love this, but in 5 months I have had defective test strips twice confirmed by Abbot and 2 PDM’s that are not working right. Lots of money wasted on test strips.

I put my tubed pump sites on pretty much everywhere as well…arms, legs, back, etc.

OMG, if you’re waking up at 400, I think you need to stop the pump NOW and get back onto MDI. If you’re going that high in your sleep, you can easily slip into DKA. Something clearly isn’t working for ya. One thing you should definitely do is, before committing to another pump, see if Medtronic or Animas will let you have a trial run with one of their devices, under the supervision of your endo. That way, you can make sure it works before committing.