Omnipod experience

Hi all,
I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for 26 years. I have started on the omnipod and last night was my first night and it was totally managble. I was not real happy with going on insulin again but I am so relieved and happy with this new advancement. I don’t have the CGM as yet but hopefully soon. Not used to so many finger stick. My target bg is 140…i have been hyperglycemic for years and so medical team wanted a slow progress down. I am looking forward to learning from and with this community.


Thanks for sharing your experience! How have your numbers been today? We have lots of T2s on insulin here. Three of our six admins use insulin. From what I’ve seen here, most T2s wish they’d started insulin earlier.

My bg was 164 this morning when I first woke up. I live in New York city and so have to take the subway and I like to know my numbers before I leave out. I checked again at work but with the PDM and I was at 181, I didn’t eat before leaving home so I am suspecting it because I used my one touch for the first reading.

I hope you are happy with your diabetes team and are getting enough guidance about how to make corrections and adjustments. It takes some time to figure everyone out and things will always need changing.

I live in northern NJ, about 1.5 hours west of NYC.

Great advise, I usually like things predictable but I know that there are a lot of trial and error. I am committed 100% to the process. I am still not comfortable with the basal and bolus calculations but I am reading and learning from others in their comments.

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I’m Type 1 but I find this experience isn’t unusual, so it may not be that you used different testers. Whenever I go for a fasting blood test, my number is significantly higher than it was when I left home. It seems just the activity of getting to the hospital is enough to push up the numbers.
I’ve been using the Omnipod for three months now, and I’m still tweaking my basals and boluses, so don’t rush yourself!

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Awesome! Thanks for your response. It happen again this morning except the difference was even higher. I did not use differen devices, so you where right. Something to look out for and maybe adjust before I leave home.

Where i´m from type 2 are not prescribed insulin. My mother was diagnosed almost 5 years ago (I´m type 1) she has been using insulin since day 1 as I am a diabetes educator and know the benefits. I had not heard about anyone using omnipod and this makes me feel so happy for you!!! (and of course amazed!) Congratulations on this new experience. So glad you had a good first night.

@Aleben, Pumping Insulin (6th edition) by John Walsh is a terrific resource for new pumpers (and those, like me, considering pumping).

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When I was first diagnosed I was taking insulin for a number of year in my late teens I went off and then back on then off again when I lost a significant amount of weight. I would recommend the omnipod even this early in the game.

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