Omnipod 5 and lows

Hello! My teenage daughter is using the Omnipod 5 (have been for about 6 months). Initially it was just so freaking awesome that she wasn’t having ANY lows! A literal miracle.

Now, 6 months later, she’s having quite a few lows at night. I’m not sure what to adjust. These lows occur in the middle of the night and when I check, she doesn’t have IOB (like the pump adjusted down to prevent the low). The lows are between 60-70mg/dL.

Would the first thing to adjust be ISF?? Since there’s no point in adjusting basal rates, and since there isn’t a carb bolus on board when this happens, there’s no sense adjusting that.

One other variable I’m suspicious about is she may be eating a light snack before bed without bolusing, and it may be raising her BG enough for the algroithm to think she’s going up naturally, and giving her a bump in basal rates. But still, she shouldn’t be going down to below 70.


Algorithm is obviously different for my case (Tandem X2) but if I’m snacking, as opposed to treating a low, I enter the carbs. Even if it’s only 5 carbs, that would be an hour of basal and prevents the spike which the algorithm feels it needs to treat.

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Not sure how the sensitivity factor is done on the pods, but on my tslim, I can alter the sensitivity per half hour. If you can do that, you can increase her sensitivity factor for the time when she is sleeping

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