Omnipod 5 Poll

You didn’t check whether your phone was on the list before buying, but the Omnipod people are shysters? Didn’t you get a PDM?

Thank you, @SherryAnn, for that response. You touched on a number of concerns I had and my OP5 shipped yesterday.

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I’d give the OmniPod a 2 out of 5, but that’s just my experience. You can see more about my experience over at a separate thread I started a few days ago: Giving up on OmniPod 5 - #11 by Ali4

I didn’t use it for very long because every pod I used had some kind of a problem (6 out of 6 pods failed). That doesn’t seem to be the case with others though, so on my end, was probably a combination of bad luck, learning curve, user error, and my body doesn’t like their cannulas. Not sure. The technology for controlling basal rates is pretty similar to the Tandem Control IQ system–when it works, it works well, so that was nice. The benefits of control over my variable basal rate were not worth the problems I experienced with inconsistent insulin delivery.

I wanted to try it, but even as a CASH with RX patient they would not sell to me because they would have to report me to any insurance company for the next 5 years. I live in California, and if I read California’s HIPPA laws correctly, that’s a violation. No thanks Insulet.

I’m an Omnipod user. I’m not sure what the benefit would be to me if I upgraded to 5. I’m not sure there would be any. Closed loop systems are fantastic for a certain subset of users. I’m not one of them…at least that I know of.

Hi Bonnie - I’m also on the Dash and have used it for a year now. My A1C was just 6.1 (around 104 mg/dl) which is good for a person who’s been T1D for 51 yrs). My doc is happy with this as well. Am used to the Dash now and find it quite handy. Take 0.4 units of insulin per hour in the day and it seems to do well. It’s reduced during the night to 0.1 after midnight till 4 am. Can still get screaming highs that I fight to get back down. Don’t like that one bit!

Hate Edgepark! Good move.

I have been a Medtronic user for 10 plus years. At the request of my Endo, I tried the Omnipod 5 and Dexcom system to lower my A1C from 7.2. Long story short, I hated it! Just too annoying to use for me.

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How difficult to be a parent of a T1. Hugs to you! I was like your daughter at her age. It took a lot of maturing. My parents never knew