Omnipod allergy?

So, I have been having a lot of problems with my omnipod . I just got it about 3 weeks ago. And although it’s really been helpful it’s also been harmful. I keep getting huge welts where the cannula goes into my skin. Not matter where I put it, seems to get red and irritated and swell up like a bee sting! I even get a red rashy ring around the adhesive at times. When I explained this to my doc she seemed to think I may have an allergy to either the adhesive or Teflon (the tubing). So I ordered these protective barrier wipes to treat the site before I insert. Hope that works. Otherwise, I may not be able to stay on the pump. Has anyone else experienced these problems before? Anyone else with a teflon allergy? So strange to me. But would be just my luck! :[ haha! Alright, just thought I’d throw that one out there and see if anyone had these probs before. Have a great week!


Sorry that I don’t have personal experience to share, but it might be worth a call to Insulet to find out what they suggest.

Good luck! I love my OmniPod and hope that you can find a solution that works for you!

There are folks with Teflon allergies. If you were on a tubed pump, you would probably be able to use a steel needle infusion set. With the Omnipod, you’re pretty much SOL. Best to make the determination soon, as your 45 day return period with Omnipod is getting closer and closer.

thanks, ladies! will do!

I get a real bad rash under the entire sticker of my dexcom7. After only 8 days or so its an oozing red rash that takes days to clear up. I’ve shown it to some doctors, some have said allergy (to the sticker) others have said fungal (yeast) infection. I’ve got an anti-fungal that clears it up afterword, but no way to keep it from forming. I get no reaction at all at my pump site, just at the dexcom site. I’d love to hear if you had any solution.