OmniPod and an MRI

I have an MRI scheduled today. I was told over the telephone that I would have to remove my pod. Has anyone had experience with this? Is it legit or just being overly cautious?

I had one on my shoulder a little while back and removed both my OmniPod and Dex sensor. Omnipod’s have metal in them and I didn’t want to risk any heavy magnetic waves interfering.

Good luck!!!

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This is completely legit, you should definitely remove the pod. MRI machines employ extremely strong magnetic fields, which could easily damage the pod. But that’s not even the main problem. The presence of any metal would distort the fields, which would adversely affect the quality of the images recorded. The staff should not let you have any objects on you during the scan.

OK, thanks. You never know. I’ve had airline stewardesses ask me to turn off my PDM before, so it makes one wonder if they are just being overly cautious. I will remove.

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